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Ork: Boss Snikrot

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Product Overview

Boss Snikrot is a killer who slips through the jungle like a ghost, an Ork kommando who can pass through throttlevine groves without disturbing a single leaf. He is a savage hunter who lives for vengeance, whose eyes blaze with the devilish light of hatred. His victims he leaves to bleed to death, their eyes put out and their scalps ripped free from their skulls.

Looking very much the guerrilla fighter, Snikrot carries with him the blackened, rippy blades called Mork's Teeth, and there are even more details - numerous chains, goggles, a link of skulls, a leather-strapped backpack, with rope and grappling hook, the details of which are crisper than ever in resplendent Citadel Finecast. This finely detailed miniature contains plenty of items for painters to enjoy.

This is a finely detailed resin cast kit that comes in five components and with one 40mm round base, with which to make Boss Snikrot.

This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly