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Paint Comparison Chart


List modified from this post on Dakka Dakka.

Colour New Citadel***** Old Citadel Coat D'arms*** Vallejo Game Color Vallejo Model Color Scale 75 Army Painter Hex Code
  White Scar Skull White* White (101) Dead White (001) White (951) White Matt Matt White (WP1102) FFFFFF
  Ceramite White Smelly Primer* Grey Primer (141) White Primer (002) Foundation White (919)     FFFFFF
  Kislev flesh Pallid Flesh* Flesh (213) Pale Flesh (003) Light Flesh (928) Pale Skin Matt Kobold Skin EEC8C7
  Bestigor Flesh Elf Flesh* Elven Flesh (123) Elf Skintone (004) Flat Flesh (955)     F7BD7B
  Dorn yellow** Bad Moon Yellow* Dusky Yellow (146) Bad Moon Yellow (005) Lemon Yellow (952)     FFF700
  Flash Gitz Yellow Sunburst Yellow* Sun Yellow (103) Sunblast Yellow (006) Flat Yellow   Demonic Yelow (WP1107) FFE700
  Yriel Yellow Golden Yellow* Golden Yellow (159) Gold Yellow (007) Golden Yellow (948) Sol Yellow Matt   FFCE00
  Tallarn Sand Desert Yellow*   Desert Yellow (063) Dark Yellow (978) Sahara Yellow Matt Desert Yellow (WP1121) 9C8855
  Jokaero Orange Macharius Solar Orange*   Heavy Orange (152) German Orange (805)     EE3823
  Fire Dragon Bright Fiery Orange * Flame Orange (105) Orange Fire (008) Light Orange (911)   Prison Jumpsuit (WP1211 Zombiecide) FF8552
  Troll Slayer Orange Blazing Orange* Burnt Orange (147) Hot Orange (009) Scarlet (817)   Mythical Orange (WP1442) F46C2E
  Mephiston Red Mechrite Red*   Heavy Red (141) Red (926)   Vampire Red (WP1460) 991115
  Evil Sunz Scarlet Blood Red* Blood Red (104) Bloody Red (010) Vermillion (909) Antares Red Pure Red (WP1104) C21920
  Wild Rider Red           Mars Red (WP1436) EB2E28
  Wazdakka Red Red Gore* Vampire Red (129) Gory Red (011) Cavalry Brown (982) Indian Shadow Dragon Red (WP1105) 940008
  Khorne Red Scab Red*   Scarlett Red (012) Carmine Red (908) Deep Red Matt Chaotic Red (WP1142) 6A0002
  Emperor's Children Tentacle Pink* Shocking Pink (144) Squid Pink (013) Pink (958)     EF9CB5
  Screamer Pink Warlock Purple* Warlock Purple (157) Warlord Purple (014) Magenta (945) Fuchsia Matt   9C004A
  Xereus Purple Liche Purple* Poison Purple (118) Hexed Lichen (015) Royal Purple (810)   Alien Purple (WP1128) 5A005A
  Naggaroth Night Imperial Purple* Amethest Purple (160) Royal Purple (016) Royal Purple (810)     562F7E
    Nauseating Blue * Nauseous Blue (162) Sick Blue (017) Violet ** (960)     412A7A
    Storm Blue *   Stormy Blue (018) Blue (925)     27357E
    Midnight Blue*   Night Blue (019) Dark sea blue     31
  Kantor Blue Regal Blue* Royal Blue (110) Imperial Blue (020) Dark Prussian blue   Deep Blue (WP1116) 08085A
  Altdorf Guard Blue Ultramarine Blue Marine Blue (148) Ultra Marine Blue (022) Ultramarine (839)   Ultramarine Blue (WP1115) 29397B
  Macragge Blue Mordian Blue*   Heavy Blue (143) Prussian Blue (965) Navy Blue Matt   2D567C
  Caledor Sky Enchanted Blue* Wizard Blue (114) Magic Blue (021) Dark Blue (930)   Crystal Blue 31639C
  Lothern Blue Ice Blue   Ice Blue (095) Azure ** (902)/ Deep Sky Blue Sky Blue Voidshield Blue (WP1452) 6B9CCE
  Teclis Blue Lightning Bolt Blue * High Elf Blue (117) Electric Blue (023) Sky Blue (961)   Electric Blue (WP1113) 8BB9DD
  Sotek Green Hawk Turquoise Aquamarine (132) Falcon Turquoise (024) Light Turquoise (840) Adriatic Blue Matt Hydra Turquoise (WP1141) 006B5A
  Sybarite Green Vile Green *   Foul Green (025) Park Green Flat (969)     82C59C
  Kabalite Green Jade Green* Jade Green** (158) Jade Green (026) Emerald (838)     069B7D
    Scaly Green *   Scurf/Scurvey Green (027) Emerald (838)     026B67
  Caliban Green Dark Angels Green* Dark Elf Green (111) Dark Green (028) Deep Green (970)   Angel Green (WP1112) 5221
  Warpstone Glow Snot Green* Bogey Green (121) Sick Green (029) Intermediate Green (891) Irati Green   106B21
  Warboss Green Goblin Green* Goblin Green (108) Goblin Green (030) Pastel Green (885)   Goblin Green (WP1109) 63B521
  Elysian Green Camo Green*   Camouflage Green (031) Olive Green (967) Ardenes Green Matt   A5A542
  Moot Green Scorpion Green* Scorpion Green (152) Scorpy Green (032) Light Green (942) Spring Green   A5D610
    Bilious Green *   Livery Green (033) Yellow Green ** (954)     A9D171
  Castellan Green Catachan Green*   Cayman Green (067) Olive Grey (888) Boreal Green Matt   455440
  Waaagh! Flesh Orkhide Shade*   Heavy Blackgreen (147) Black Green (980) Black   3.84E+51
  Loren Forest Knarloc Green*   Heavy Green (146) Luftwaffe Ca. Green (823)   Army Green (WP1110) 434F38
  Deathworld Forest Gretchin Green*   Heavy Khaki (149) Russian Uniform WW2 (70.924)   Venom Wyrm (WP1461) 5D6732
  Straken Green             628026
  Nurgling Green Rotting Flesh* Putrid Green (125) Dead Flesh (035) Green sky   Necrotic Flesh 849B63
  Ushabti Bone Bleached Bone* Bone (112) Bonewhite (034) Buff (976) Golden Skin Matt Skeleton Bone (WP1125) EFD9A8
  Zandri Dust Kommando Khaki*   Khaki (061) G. Cam.Beige (821) Thar Brown Matt   9E915C
  Pallid Wych Flesh             CDCEBE
  Screaming Skull       Ivory (918) White Sands Matt   F0F1CE
    Bronzed Flesh * Tanned Flesh (115) Bronze Flesh (036) Dark Flesh (927)     F7944A
  Tau Light Ochre Vomit Brown* Bilious Brown (130) Filthy Brown (037) Beige Red **     DE9408
  Ratskin Flesh Dwarf Flesh* Dwarven Flesh (124) Dwarf Skin (041) Brown Sand   Barbarian Flesh (WP1126) F78C5A
  Bugman's Glow Tanned Flesh *   Tan (066)   Kalahari Orange Matt Tanned Flesh (WP1127 ) A95C3E
    Leprous Brown* Leprous Brown (156) Scrofulous Brown (038) Gold Brown (877)     D88E2D
  Zamesi Desert Bubonic Brown* Festering Brown (126) Plague Brown (039) Yellow Ochre (913) Iroko Matt   C68400
  Balor Brown Snakebite Leather* Barbarian Leather (116) Cobra Leather /Leather Brown (040) Brown Sand (876)     9C6B08
  Balor Brown Tausept Ochre*   Heavy Ochre (150) Ochre Brown (856)     976F3C
  Skrag Brown Vermin Brown* Rat Brown (119) Parasite Brown (042) Orange Brown (981) Mars Orange Matt   843910
  Rhinox Hide Scorched Brown*   Charred Brown (045) Burnt Umber (941)** Black Leather Matt   390008
  Doombull Brown Dark Flesh*   Dark Fleshtone (044) Mahogany Brown (846)     630808
  Baneblade Brown Khemri Brown*   Heavy Brown (153) Green Brown Arabic Shadow Matt   7.05E+50
  Mournfang Brown Bestial Brown* Hairy Brown (120) Beasty Brown (043) Flat Brown (984)     663300
  Mournfang Brown Calthan Brown*   Heavy Siena (154) Flat Brown (984)     6D5044
  XV-88 Terracotta*   Terracotta (065)       793721
  Steel Legion Drab Graveyard Earth*   Earth (062) US field drab Gobi Brown Matt Leather Brown (WP1123) 655138
  Karak Stone Kommando Khaki*   Khaki (061) German Cam. Beige WWII (821)     9B8C7B
  Ulthuan grey Ghostly Grey *   Ghost Grey (046) Flat Aluminum (993)     C3C6CD
  Fenrisian Grey Space Wolves Grey* Lupin Grey (151) Wolf Grey (047) Pale Greyblue (907) Bering Blue Matt   CEDEE7
  The Fang Shadow Grey* Shadow Grey (150) Sombre Grey (048) Oxford Blue (807)   Wolf Grey (WP1119) 4E5067
  Administratum Grey Fortress Grey*   Stonewall Grey (049) Pale Grey Blue (907) Nacar Matt Ash Grey (WP1117) B5B5B5
  Dawnstone Codex Grey*   Cold Grey (050) Basalt Grey (869) Artic Blue Matt Uniform Grey (WP1118) 999999
  Mechanicus Standard Grey Adeptus Battlegrey*   Heavy Grey ** Russian Unif. (924)     7C8286
  Celestra Grey Astronomicon Grey*   Heavy Bluegrey (144) Pale Blue Grey (905)     96A5A9
  Abaddon Black Chaos Black* Black (102) Chaos Black / Black (051) Black (950)   Matt Black (WP1101) 0
  Runefang Steel Mithril Silver* Enchanted Silver (106) Mithril Silver / Silver (052) Silver (997)   Shining Silver (WP1129) B5B5BD
  Ironbreaker Chainmail* Chainmail (109) Chain Mail (053) Natural Steel (864)   Plate Mail Metal (WP1130) 7B737B
  Leadbelcher Boltgun Metal* Gun Metal (142) Gunmetal / Gunmetal Metal (054) Gunmetal Grey (863) Petroleum Grey Machinegun Metal (WP1221) 393939
  Auric Armour Gold Burnished Gold*   Glorious Gold (056) Gold (996) Dwarven Gold Bright Gold (WP1231) E7BD42
  Gehenna's Gold Shining Gold* Bright Gold (107) Polished Gold (055) Old Gold (878) Elven Gold Greedy Gold (WP1132) CCCC33
  Hashut Copper Dwarf Bronze* Dwarven Bronze (143) Bright Bronze (057) Bronze (998)   Weapon Bronze (WP1133) 9C5221
  Runelord brass Brazen Brass * Brass (131) Brassy Brass (058) Brass (801) Viking Gold   735A21
  Brass scorpion Beaten Copper *   Hammered Copper (059) Copper (999)     73372D
  Warplock Bronze Tin Bitz* Magic Metal (113) Tinny Tin (060)   Necro Gold   393121
    Black Ink *   Black Ink (94)       0
    Dark Green Ink *   Green Ink (89)       108473
    Flesh Wash * Ink Wash - Flesh (133)         CE8C42
    Magenta Ink *           513D3C
    Purple Ink *   Violet Ink (87)       842994
  Stormvermin Fur Charadon Granite*   Heavy Charcoal (155) German Grey (995) Anthartic Grey Matt   4D4A4A
  Rakarth Flesh Dheneb Stone*   Heavy Warmgrey **(148)     Drake Tooth (WP1417)? B9ADA1
  Daemonette Hide Hormagaunt Purple*   Heavy Violet (142) Violet (960) Violet Blue Matt   4F566C
  Averland Sunset Iyanden Darksun*   Heavy Goldbrown (151) Goldbrown (877)     9C8A53
  Cadian Fleshtone Tallarn Flesh*   Heavy Skintone (140) Brown Rose     8D736C
  Drakenhof Nightshade Asurmen Blue Wash*   Blue Shade Wash (73207)     Blue Tone Ink (WP1139) 2.73E+53
  Carroburg Crimson Baal Red Wash*   Red Shade Wash (73206)     Red Tone Ink (WP1138) 630808
  Nuln Oil Badab Black Wash*   Black Wash (73201)     Dark Tone Ink (WP1136) 0
  Agrax Earthshade Devlan Mud Wash*   Umber Shade Wash (73203)     Strong Tone Wash (WP1135) 393121
  Seraphim Sepia Gryphonne Sepia Wash*   Sepia Wash (73200)     Soft Tone Ink (WP1134) 843910
  Druchii Violet Leviathan Purple Wash*   **** Pale Grey Shade Wash (73202)     Purple Tone Ink (WP1140) 842994
  Reikland Fleshshade Ogryn Flesh Wash*   Fleshtone Shade Wash (73204)     Flesh Wash (WP1143) CE8C42
  Biel-Tan Green     Green Wash     Green Tone Wash (WP1137) 547757
  Baharroth Blue Edge (Edge)           Toxic Mist (WP1437) 59C1CE
  Gauss Blaster Green (Edge)             84C2A9
  Dorn Yellow (Edge)             FFF685
  Fulgrim Pink (Edge)             F5AECC
  Flayed One Flesh (Edge)             CDC586
  Dechala Lilac (Edge)           Oozing Purple (WP1445) B69FCD
  Kreig Khaki (Edge)           Necrotic Flesh (WP1108) BFBD82
  Blue Horror (Edge)           Gorgon Hide (WP1428) A4BAD2
  Lugganath Orange (Edge)           Centuar Skin (WP1408) F89E86


(*) discontinued,
(**) approximate,
(***) coat d'arms match the OLD citadel colours so there might be some difference. Shining gold has the most noticeable difference,
(****) P3 Paints did not really match very closely with the old GW range, but a detailed explanation of each paint can be found here:
(*****) GW's new range matches with the old range are the matches claimed by GW. However, many of the paints do not match very closely at all and some mixing will be required to get close to the original colours. If you are trying to match old GW with new GW, you'd be better just getting Vallejo game color or coat d'arms for the closest match )
(color name) after testing does not match GW color (really far)
(******) 98-99% colour matches, colour difference is so minute it's very difficult to tell the difference when painting models side by side
(*******) 3rd-5th Edition Replicas, same 98-99% matching criteria