Orders over $100 ship free and $10 for everything else.


See something you want that isn't in stock or want to make a special order?  Just send an email to  support@herrickgames.com


Shipping and Fulfillment

Hello There,


There's an old saying in business that goes along with the image below:



In business, you can only pick two of the following: Good, Fast, or Cheap and that's all you can do.  Unfortunately in the time of Amazon on Walmart we've come to expect things really fast and really cheap but we forget about the Good.  At Herrick Games and Hobbies, we aim to provide great service as quickly as possible and that, unfortunately, sometimes takes time.


We offer a wide variety of products from manufactures and distributors all over the country, we keep a small amount in store, but offer a wide variety of choices so you can get the tools you need to make your miniatures pop.  Unfortunately, since we order a lot of our products for your orders, they can take some time to arrive or even be out of stock for quite awhile.  The reason we do this, is so that we can provide you the cheapest products possible and still stay open.  If we retained every product in store we'd have thousands of dollars in losses in products that don't move and we'd be limiting your choices in great products to produce your art.


What I'm trying to say, is that sometimes it can take us a while to get products back in stock. But as of February 2021 we are stocking more and more and only selling you what we have in stock.  We're still happy to do special orders for things we don't have in stock (send us an email to sales@herrickgames.com) but they can take awhile to come in in the age of COVID.


Also, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic we've dropped our shipping rates to $10 for orders under $100 and free for all other orders.  We want to get you the hobby and painting products you need as we all strive to flatten the curve.


I hope you have a wonderful day, and continue assembling, painting, and gaming until your heart is content!


Skye Herrick

Founder and Owner

Herrick Games and Hobbies