Leagues of Votann: Limited Edition Army Set

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Leagues of Votann: Limited Edition Army Set

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$180.00 $200.00 -10% OFF

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Product description

This set is also your first chance to get Codex: Leagues of Votann, a 104-page book that's packed with lore and rules for this all-new army. This exclusive limited edition is only available as part of this army set, and is accompanied by a full set of 50 Leagues of Votann datacards, a sheet of 63 double-sided tokens for tracking your abilities, and two Leagues of Votann transfer sheets packing a total of over 1,000 runes, icons, and numerals. This box really is your chance to be part of Warhammer history by joining the vanguard of the Leagues of Votann.

The set includes the following multipart plastic miniatures:

' 1x ������thar the Destined, who can also be built as a K������hl
' 1x Einhyr Champion
' 3x Hernkyn Pioneers
' 20x Hearthkyn Warriors

Also included:

' Codex: Leagues of Votann ' 104-page hardback book with gloss art and a limited edition variant soft-touch cover
' Datacards: Leagues of Votann ' 50 cards including 7 Core Stratagems, 31 Leagues of Votann Stratagems, 5 League-specific Stratagems, 6 Skeinwrought Discipline psychic powers, and 1 Smite psychic power
' Leagues of Votann Token Sheet ' 63 double-sided tokens for tracking your Eye of Judgement and other abilities on the battlefield
' 2x Leagues of Votann transfer sheets, each containing 555 individual transfers

All models are supplied with their appropriate bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

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