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The Army Painter Army Painter: Battlefields Basing Set $15.29 $17.99
This amazing set has been designed to give the wargamer a 'one box fits all' for you miniature bases. Includes all the basic basing materials you need to make any base for your miniatures. It also includes a free 50ml Battlefields Basing Glue as well as the Army Painter Technique Painting Guide. Super saver set of high quality basing materials & glue All-in-one set - The perfect gift The set contains: Free 50ml battlfield basing glue Brown Battleground Battlefield Rocks Swamp Tuft (35 pieces) Summer Undergrowth Battlefield Field Grass Battlefield Snow
-16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Mixing Balls $5.94 $6.99
Heavy pigment, old paint or a combination thereof: the Mixing Balls will make your paints perfect again. The 5.5 mm stainless steel high-grade Mixing Balls will blend medium and pigment perfectly together, with a few shakes of your paint bottle. Perfect for warpaints bottle 5.5mm diameter stainless steel 100 mixing balls
-16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Meadow Flowers $5.94 $6.99
Lovely and idyllic flowery meadows... do not let your guard down, though! Can be used as contrast to evil armies - or to enhance a forest or glades look. Super realistic bases 3 different sizes for any base size Easy to use and attach quickly with super glue Use the Army Painter Tweezer set to attach tufts to your bases
-16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Plastic Glue $4.24 $4.99
Also known as polystyrene cement, this special glue will mend and make attractive bonds between plastic parts of any miniature. Once dry, the miniature parts are fused together for a strong joint.
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The Army Painter Army Painter: Masterclass Drybrush Set $16.99 $19.99
These spectacular and highly specialized drybrushes give ultra-realistic results and very smooth coverage - revealing every detail of your miniature with ease. The brushes are versatile and can be used for both large models, terrain, and vehicles as well as any normal-sized model. The results and effects, you get with these Masterclass Drybrushes, far surpass that of any normal drybrush.High quality dome shaped tip - The soft goat hair bristles combined with the rounded dome shape allow for a very gentle touch even with rough drybrushing, giving you a subtle and refined result.Comfortable ergonomic grip ' We have given our Masterclass Drybrushes a full round handle to allow for a comfortable grip when doing broad strokes across your favourite models.Contents:3x DrybrushesMighty Drybrush (15mm)Perfect for terrain and very large models.Moderate Drybrush (12mm)Designed for large models.Miniature Drybrush (7mm)Great for small and normal sizes models.
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The Army Painter Army Painter: Targetlock Laser Line $8.49 $9.99
No more 'seeing around the corner' or avoiding difficult terrain - Targetlock Laser Line is a fantastic aid for all types of wargaming. Also used for various phychic powers and spell effects! 3 x batteries included Remove safety strip to activate No arguments when playing
-16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Miniature & Model Magnets $9.34 $10.99
These supercharged rare-earth magnets are very high grade & strength (N52), enabling you to do complex conversions or simply magnetise different weapons to your models. Super Strong Rare-Earth Magnets Perfect for chaning weapons Multiple sizes for any task 80 x 3mm & 20 x 5mm
Sold out -11% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Super Glue $4.49 $4.99
Also known as cyanoacrylate - this is super glue at its best. Medium thickness and high quality, this Super Glue is ideal for miniatures and small parts due to its precision tip. Creates a very strong bond between the parts being glued.
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The Army Painter Army Painter: Brown Battleground $5.09 $5.99
oloured sand in 3 different sizes for the perfect foundation of any base. Can also be painted any colour to resemble any climate or setting. The perfect foundation for any base Can be pained for other effects 3 different sized sand gives a realistic ground effect Add any tuft or other basing material for maximum effect
-15% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Most Wanted Brush Set $14.03 $16.50
Wargamer: Insane DetailMade using Rotmarder sable, this extremely fine and pointed brush is perfect for painting ultra precise highlights, facial tattoos or just insane details.Wargamer: RegimentThe most versatile brush in our line-up, the Regiment brush is ideal for speed painting large batches of troops really fast! Its Rotmarder sable hair holds a fine tip for more detailed work.Wargamer: Small DrybrushThis innovative drybrush is set at a 43������ angle - the perfect angle for dry brushing small areas of the models like chainmail, facial hair or a weapon! The very best brushes in the business - in one set Hand-made quality and rotmarder sable hair Triangular precision grip ensures perfect control
-16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Drill Bits $8.49 $9.99
This premium set gives you 10 drill bits and all the different drill bit sizes you could possible want (8) ' to finish any task involving miniatures, drilling magnets in place or similar. 10 drills: 2 x 0.7mm, 2 x 0.9mm, 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm Use in conjunction with the miniature & model drill Include a 3mm drill for magnets
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The Army Painter Army Painter: Lowland Shrubs $5.94 $6.99
The lowlands, haunted by vile monsters and creatures alike, are full of little streams giving life to these rich and lush shrubs. Super realistic bases 3 different sizes for any base size Easy to use and attach quickly with super glue Use the Army Painter Tweezer set to attach tufts to your bases
-16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Precision Side Cutter $10.19 $11.99
Made from stainless steel with a safety grip handle, the Precision Side Cutter is perfect for cutting metal miniatures or large bits of resin. Ideal for small cuts like arms, heads or weapons. Use to imitate cuts and battlefield damage on larger miniatures. Perfect for metal and resin miniatures! Precise and sharp! Safety Handle ensures strong grip
Sold out -16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Miniature and Model Drill $10.19 $11.99
The Drill is a well known and valuable tool for the converter and modeller. Drill holes in metal, resin and plastic miniatures with the drill bits provided. Use for plastic, resin and metal miniatures Includes 3 drill bits: 1.0, 1.4 & 1.8mm Drill head fits up to 3mm drill bit
-16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Battlefield Rocks $4.24 $4.99
Use Battlefield Rocks for smaller stones, giving a perfect texture on especially larger bases - to break the even look. Highly realistic look! Imitates smaller rocks or stones Perfect for larger bases as well Very realistic surface - perfect for drybrushing
-16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Basing Glue $4.24 $4.99
This special non-toxic glue is used for glueing rocks, sand, grass or similar to a miniature base. Also perfect for glueing polyfoam for scenery.
-16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Battlefield Razorwire $4.24 $4.99
Razorwire gives the effect of a war-torn setting - and is essential for any sci-fi or modern wargaming base. Gives a very realistic look. Eseential for sci-fi or modern battlefield bases Highly realistic 4m razorwife Bend around a round brush handle
-16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Battlefield Steppe Grass $4.24 $4.99
Use Battlefield Steppe Grass to create the illusion of wild or dry grass on any base. Resembles tall or wild grass Use on top of brown battleground Darker grass gives a highly realistic effect
-16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Battlefield Field Grass $4.24 $4.99
Use to create great effects of taller and wild grass. Can be used all over the base or in smaller clumps. Resembles tall or wild grass Use on top of brown battlegroumd
-15% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Deadland Tuft $5.99 $6.99
Distant moons or undead kingdoms, the Deadland Tuft allows you recreate the chilling atmosphere of death. Super realistic bases 3 different sizes for any base size Easy to use and attach quickly with super glue Use the Army Painter Tweezer set to attach tufts to your bases
Sold out -16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Self-healing Cutting Mat $7.64 $8.99
The Cutting Mat is used as a base for all modelling, assembling and conversions of wargaming miniatures. It will protect your workstation from unnecessary damage. The Cutting Mat is self-healing and comes with cutting/measuring lines for precise cuts. 220x300 mm or 8.7x11.8 inch in size Self-healing 3 layer design 1/8' (3mm) thick highly durable PVC material Protects your blades from becoming dull Includes scale lines measured in millimetres Can be used on either side!
-16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Sculpting Tools $9.34 $10.99
These sculpting tools, when used in conjunction with Green Stuff, offer the modelling hobbyist a range of different shapes for any sculpting project. Customise your miniatures 3 different tool - 6 different tips Perfect for Green Stuff
-10% sale
The Army Painter The Army Painter: Speedpaint Mega Paint... $180.00 $199.00
Note: This Product will be released in AprilLaunch Price: USD $199From September 1st: USD $210Contents: 50x 18ml Speedpaints: 45 New colours - including 3 first-ever Speedpaint Metallics 1 Speedpaint Medium 4 Speedpaint colours from the original range for FREE PRE-ORDER PROMO: Get the Speedpaint Mega Set PLUS an exclusive Speedpaint Brush with ergonomic triangular handle and a Hard Plastic Palette ' FREE!The all-in-one Speedpaint is true one-coat painting solution. Compared to its predecessor, the new Mega Set 2.0 comes with a new formula, expanded colour range that includes 45 new colours, and for the first time ever, it introduces Speedpaint Metallics!In total, the Speedpaint Mega Set 2.0 features 46 colours, 3 metallics, and 1 Speedpaint Medium - a total of 50 bottles - enabling you to paint beautiful tabletop-quality miniatures in no time! Simply apply one rich coat of Speedpaint directly over a primed miniature and you are done. All colours are using tried and true high-quality heavy pigments.Combined with an innovative resin medium solution that flows perfectly over your miniatures creates an unparalleled painting solution to help you get more time for gaming.Pre-loaded Mixing BallsAll Speedpaints come with two steel Mixing Balls already loaded in the bottle, making it easier for you to get the perfect consistency.
Sold out -16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Hobby Tool Kit $25.49 $29.99
This amazing set has been designed to give the wargamer a 'one box fits all' tool kit. Includes all the basic tools you need to assemble any miniatures army. It also includes a free 5g Super Glue as well as a guide to tool safety and the Army Painter Technique Painting Guide. Free 5G Super Glue Also contains: Hobby File, Hobby Knife, Green Stuff (2 pieces), hobby drill ( 3 drill bits), hobby side cutter, sculting tool Super saver set of high quality tools & Glue All-in-one set - the peftect gift
-16% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Plastic Frame Cutter $9.34 $10.99
The Plastic Frame Cutter is sharp, thin and precise. With this specialized tool you can cut your models from the sprue with ease and precision. It is ideal for trimming and converting all plastic models and miniatures. Sharp and precise Safety grip handle Perfect for cutting out miniature bits from a frame

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