In August of 2020 our founder, Skye Herrick and his family, had to flee his newly purchased dream home in the Santa Cruz mountains because of an encroaching wildfire.  Because he had to flee two days after moving in and at a moment's notice he left his entire gaming collection behind.  While evacuated, a number of members of the community and close donated models, paints, and tools so that while stressed out he could still create and escape the day-to-day life of an evacuee.  While Skye's home and collection ultimately survived by the closest of margins, many members of the community aren't so lucky.  


Every year members of our community lose their collections and hobbies because of disasters and tragedies big and small.  While many may have insurance, payouts can take forever and the act of cataloguing everything you lost is a traumatic and horrible experience, and many don’t have any way to recoup their loss not to mention the time, effort, and memories associated with their collection.  


At Herrick Games and Hobbies we believe our community is amazing and we are constantly humbled by the charitable donations of you all.  We want to make that a little easier with the Adopt-a-Gamer program.


How Does it Work?

  • If you or someone you know has faced a hardship recently (loss of job, sickness, loss of a home, etc.) email us at  In as gentle a way as possible we’ll verify the information and find out what army or group we can help replace.  

  • If you don't want to buy an entire product, or we don't have anything listed, you can purchase $10 gift certificates and we'll use the proceeds to purchase products AT COST for those in need.

  • Community members can also directly donate any product they have sitting in their Horde of Happiness by sending us an email at and mailing the items to our store.  We’ll gather everything together and ship it to the affected individual.


This is brand new process and we’re sure there will be changes and iterations to this process as we grow the program with your help.  If you know anyone that has been affected by the disasters in the United States this year please have them send us an email and help us help our fellow community members in need.



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