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Bushido Bushido: Two Player Starter Set $78.79 $82.94
Bushido is a game of savage battles, of cunning stratagems and last-ditch defences, and where debts of honour are paid in blood. In Bushido, the fate of the world hangs not on armies but on individual heroes, people of extraordinary capacity, attuned to the all-permeating life force known as Ki. This force is the fabric of the Bushido universe, and those with the appropriate training or natural talent can tap into this energy source and gain seemingly superhuman powers. In the world of Bushido, the delicate tapestry of Ki – and thus the universe itself – is threatened by the forces of imbalance, and it is up to you to protect it – or help rip it apart. In a game of Bushido, nothing less than the fate of the universe is at stake. Are you ready for the challenge of the Way of the Warrior? Box contains: 10 miniatures and bases30 full colour cards1 token set1 rules booklet(Full colour, A5 sized, unabridged) Note: this product is made of resin.
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Bushido Bushido: Risen Sun Rule book $24.45 $25.74
A 94 page, full colour book containing all of the Bushido, Risen Sun rules. Packed with art and graphic examples to make learning Bushido, Risen Sun a fun and intuitive experience. This is the most current version of the Bushido rule set.
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Bushido Bushido: Temple of Ro-Kan: Inari's Judgement $65.66 $69.11
To evade the divine laws is to summon the wrath of the Kitsune themselves. Follow the path of your destiny, the one set out for you before you were even born, lest the Kitsune hunt you down for your transgressions against nature inviolate. The Kitsune are both Judge and Executioner against the worlds of the kami, the living and the dead. To stray from the path, even just a little, could mean death but fear not, for if there is retribution to the guilty, there is restitution to the innocent; all that matters is what you choose to be. Box contains nine miniatures supplied with bases and twenty one full colour cards. Note: this product comes with plastic bases.  Note: The miniatures are made of resin.
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Bushido Bushido: House of Long Shadow: Themed... $65.66 $69.11
Even amongst the secretive Shadow Clans - those who operate in the darkness performing deeds that would stain the souls of lesser men - The House of the Long Shadow are an enigma, specialising in subterfuge and clandestine operations. Before any battle, The Long Shadow will have studied the terrain, enemy tactics, and the target's fighting techniques and swordsmanship.While all Ninjas can perform feats beyond the abilities of most mortals, The Long Shadow has been rumoured to use teleportation, invisibility, and even the shadows themselves from which to attack and harass foes. Box contains seven 32mm scale fine detail resin miniatures, bases and eighteen full colour cards.
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Bushido Bushido: Shiho Clan: Open Rebellion Box... $63.39 $66.72
Here's a little look at the reinforcements for the Minimoto Clan. First let’s look at some new additions for The Finest Steel theme. This samurai theme has been a bit underwhelming since release with basically only one list. It's supposed to be “The Samurai Theme” the best the Minimoto have to offer. Yuji is a great start and an exemplar of everything Minimoto but wouldn’t it be nice if he had some friends? Niko is a maelstrom of destruction. He has taken the Minimoto fighting style to its limit and simply swings his tetsubo tirelessly until everyone else is defeated. Niko is a 4 melee samurai with a wide array of melee options. He can use up to 4 different special attacks and has split attack. His Yoko-Men feat cancels out enemy model's Dodge traits, meaning he can really get to use his Tetsubo on the most nimble opponents. With Armour 4 and Resistance (2) he’s pretty safe too, but that's just how Bears are. Reo is a little different. A long time campaigner, Reo is not at his best. In fact Reo has been given up as dead multiple times, he has broken most of his bones, been stabbed more times than he remembers and… well after all that he fights on! Reo isn’t as quick as he used to be, his melee is only 3. He also wears lighter armour (The Minimoto consider it lighter but it's the very best any other clan has!). He’s still a Bear samurai though and his Immovable trait is great for holding zones, frustrating Ryu spearmen and laughing off monks many throw and slam attacks. It's his unique effect that really makes him a great choice however as when he is reduced to 4 wounds he gains Durable. I think that's all you need know about him! Also permitted in Finest Steel is Rinko. A more senior Yuki no Maio than Kimiko she can create much larger effects, even making a Blizzard (Like the Event card) every turn if you want. She has the same Icy Veins utility feat and a quite amazing feat for the bears that is able to increase damage immensely if you use it correctly. Some of you will have seen these characters already in artwork on the Facebook Group or possibly elsewhere. These are the Minimoto’s ranged Ashigaru. When we were designing the Bear clan I wrote a whole page to try to decide what ranged weapons they would use. While they would respect the strength required to use a bow, it doesn’t follow their metal theme. We considered the use of black powder weapons since they would have to be made of Minimoto forged metal to contain the force from the powder but that didn’t suit the reliance on strength they have. I considered metal javelins (Too primitive), Heavy axes (Not a “Noble” weapon), Shurikens (Ninjas!), and even had an idea that they would use balls of excess metal or slag like a shot-put which is very thematic requiring great strength to hurl huge metal balls at enemies but in the end we decided on Shakram. Sharpened metal disks that are thrown like a frisbee, using both the force and the spinning blade to cut into the enemy. We decided these are ashigaru weapons only, not something a samurai would use but it does (Along with Kimiko) give the clan a ranged option beyond Ronin. And finally (Well, for now) we have the blacksmiths. This is Kajiya. Blacksmiths are held in high regard, they are almost like priests in Jyoto, their work is revered almost as much as the ancestors. There are many ranks to ascend through among the blacksmiths from the lowest, who dispose of unusable metal and slag, up through the domestic smiths who make horseshoes, cooking gear and other household equipment to those making metal items for war. Armour smiths are particularly revered as they choose which ashigaru will receive their “Blessing” but the very best of the blacksmiths will be weapon smiths. Most of these will make the clan’s signature Tetsubo but the few who have the skill will become the bestbladesmiths in the Jwar Isles. Minimoto samurai rarely use their swords. It's a reverence for the steel used to make it and the smiths artistry in creating a katana that makes the bears use it only for important foes. They do not skimp on training with the sword, indeed many of their tetsubo techniques are carried over resulting in unstoppable powerful sword strikes that can, and do, cut an opponent in half. Kajiya will take a Samurai’s blade and dedicate it to a specific fight. This ceremony signifies that a certain opponent has been deemed strong enough to warrant the use of the katana and all of Kajiy's skill and control over the metal and fire elements will go into the dedication. I hope you like our Minimoto Wave. We’re also working on a bear (Yes another one!) and a lot of Garrison of the Damned for Minimoto so keep checking back here for more info.
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Bushido Bushido: Tengu Descension: Starter Set $39.63 $41.71
For countless cycles the elders of the mountain have watched and waited, their quiet vigil in the high places of the world unbroken. Silently they have overseen the rise and fall of innumerable clans, the petty squabbles of mortals bare no relevance to their goal. Gifted with generations of knowledge passed down through the written teachings of the Karasu Shugenja and oral histories of the Koroko Shisai the Tengu hold the secrets of the world in the their high homes. Now stirred into action, one can only imagine the danger that looms that has rustled the Tengu to war. Box contains five miniatures supplied with 30mm bases and ten full colour cards. Note: this product comes with plastic bases.
Sold out -5% sale
Bushido Bushido: Shiho Clan: Starter Set $39.63 $41.71
In the years following the Dragon Wars, the Shiho name was rarely mentioned. Recently, that name has started to be spoken again with increasing enthusiasm and excitement as it seems that the only known member of that once-proud clan has returned to the Isles of Jwar.Shiho Hiroto is back to conquer his many foes and destroy the Takashi Clan by any means possible. He is leading a secret war taking place in the rice paddies, jungles, and thickets of Jwar. Shiho Hiroto is choosing to hit-and-run, steal, destroy, and disrupt the vital lines of supply and communication that the Takashi clan need so desperately to rule Jwar. Box contains five miniatures supplied with 30mm bases and eleven full colour cards. Note: this product comes with plastic bases.
Sold out -5% sale
Bushido Bushido: Prefecture of Ryu: Starter Set $39.63 $41.71
The Takashi Clan have won the right to rule the Isles of Jwar. Despite the defeat of their sworn enemy in the Dragon Wars, they find themselves being summoned to arms yet again, as the Isles are plagued by danger from all sides. The end of the war has not brought peace, as they had imagined. Demons of old, sinister cults and open rebellion from rival clans have pushed the Takashi back into the fray. They welcome it; they are born to it. With katana and kaiken, spear and shot, they lead the charge against the enemies of the Isles of Jwar. Box contains five miniatures supplied with 30mm bases and ten full colour cards. Note: this product comes with plastic bases.
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Bushido Bushido: Minimoto Clan: Starter Set $39.63 $41.71
Once allied to the Takashi Clan during the Dragon Wars, the Minimoto now have their very own ambitions. There is a strange wind that winds its way through the Iron Mountains and their home Jyoto, and whether it blows fair or foul remains to be seen, but the Minimoto Clan are nothing if not patient. Never one to seek the fineries and fripperies of court life, they are more than satisfied to spend their days' blacksmithing, fighting, and singing the Songs of the Weaponsmiths. The rulers of the Iron Mountains may be slow to anger, but they are even more reluctant to forgive. Box contains five miniatures supplied with 30mm bases and eleven full colour cards. Note: this product comes with plastic bases.
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Bushido Bushido: Ito clan: Starter Set $39.63 $41.71
The discovery of an ancient temple dedicated to the Snake God, Orochi, has set the Ito on a course of rebellion against the ruling Takashi Clan and their allies. At home on the jungle island of Izu, they practice honeyed words, laced with poisonous flattery, while plotting the downfall of their enemies. Imbued with the serpentine skills of speed, venom and cunning, the Ito Clan are a coiled snake around the throats of their enemies, squeezing ever tighter. Renowned for their duplicity and untrustworthiness, it would be unwise to turn your back on the Ito Clan as you’ll never know when they may strike, but strike they will. Box contains five miniatures supplied with 30mm bases and eleven full colour cards. Note: this product comes with plastic bases
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Bushido Bushido: Shiho Clan: Heimin $16.93 $17.82
The Heimin class consists mainly of farmers, artisans and merchants.  But these peasants know the true lords of the prefecture and follow them still when they go to war.  Being below the notice of most Samurai and living far from the cities of Jwar, most villages are unaware that the Shiho no longer control the prefecture, while others are still loyal to their old Shiho masters regardless. Those loyal to the Eagle remember the days before the Tsunami, before the masked dead, before the Savage Wave, before the Takashi went to war to usurp the Shiho. But they know, deep within their hearts, and in their prayers, that the Eagle will rise once more victorious, covering Jwar with its wings. As you may expect, peasants in-game are not very impressive, but the Uncloak Ki Feat means that any of them could have been a Shiho Samurai all along! Now you die! Surprise! So by fielding three of these, opponents are forced to play as if all of them are Samurai until they uncloak, and you can decide during the game which, if any, are Samurai and which are harmless peasants. Combined with the Shiho Samurais’ ubiquitous Flank trait, this is a powerful way of controlling where the fight will happen. Blister contains three miniatures supplied with three 30mm bases and one full colour profile card. Note: this product comes with a plastic base.
Sold out -5% sale
Bushido Bushido: Temple of Ro-Kan: Mina $14.66 $15.43
Mina was born in a small fishing village on the coast below the Rokan mountains, where she loved to swim and play in the sea. She swam gracefully, even managing to use the force of the waves to propel her toward the beach at great speed, and by doing this, she could perform incredible stunts and crowd-pleasing acrobatics. The locals called her a 'water dancer.' Her life was one of sand, sea, and surf; she felt balar-,ced and harmonious and sought to learn more about these feelings and her place in the universe. That is why she went to the Temple ofRo-Kan, to learn more about the wonders of the world and the force that binds it all together. She has been given instruction and teaching, and because of her affinity with the ocean, she can summon sea water to aid in her and others' defence. Her powers are inextricably linked with the tides' pull and the moon's stages.Mina is on the lower rice cost side for monks but boasts a good profile nonetheless. Her feat is Active, so she can be moved in other models' activations, meaning she can help with Melee Assist Penalties, even blocking Lines of Sight or potential movement of an enemy model. Once she has done this, she can still move to clear the way before the end of activation.
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Bushido Bushido: Ito Clan: Sakaguchi $14.66 $15.43
Sakaguchi’s relationship with her nest of snakes is different to the rest of the clan. The snakes are ammunition, projectiles to be expended and forgotten. Most die after being released from her serpentine bow. This callous act doesn’t seem to diminish their affection for Sakaguchi. But are they real snakes? Or some manifestation of Orochi’s wicked power? Only Sakaguchi has the answers to this. The Ophidian Arrow Ki Feat gives an incredible array of options.  As well as providing a superb archer, the ability to add more models to your warband for no Rice Cost and send them hurling across the battlefield is invaluable. Izu Serpents are available here. Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile card. Note: this product comes with a plastic base.
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Bushido Bushido: Ito Clan: Ito Mamushi $14.66 $15.43
Mamushi’s ophidian snake form is unique in Jwar in that he gives a warning rattle from his tail before he strikes, and his colours are unlike anything seen before. The Ito considers this a great omen demonstrating that Orochi’s power has extended beyond the Empire, incorporating far-away forms. They always believed Orochi’s power was vast and her reach long, and this new type of warrior now proves what their faith has long sustained. Ito Mamushi is blessed, a favourite of both the Temple and the Shisai and is accorded the requisite formalities. Traditionally the Ito sneer at using the Yari as a weapon, but Mamushi’s lethality and skill with it are deadly enough that he remains unchallenged in that regard. Mamushi offers Ito players a new Samurai, especially welcome in The Blessed theme. The ability to automatically apply Frightened Markers gives easy access to a new debuff and his 4 Melee and Feint (1) makes him a great combatant. He is self-sufficient, starting with an additional 2 Ki tokens, so he needs little or no support to hold a point. Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile card. Note: this product comes with a plastic base.
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Bushido Bushido: Ito Clan: Ito Mizuki $12.40 $13.06
Another daughter of the Ito clan succumbed to the temptation of Orochi’s Blessing. Once a beautiful child of the Ito, with many a samurai lord interested in claiming her hand for a son. That was all before she started the visions that led her to her one and only partner, for now she is wed to Orochi. The Blessing awakening a deep power within her, granting her the power to grant minor gifts to fellow believers to conduct Orochi’s bidding. Her gaze able to bend the minds of even the most resolute to her own ends or freeze them in place until they might serve a purpose for this deadly and beautiful Shugenja of the Ito. Blister contains one miniature, 40mm base and full colour profile card. Note: this product comes with a plastic base.
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Bushido Bushido: Temple of Ro-Kan: Riku $10.13 $10.67
A favourite of the temple elders and new initiates alike, Riku personifies what it means to be a Monk. His mastery over water allows him to achieve awe inspiring feats on the battlefield, creating walls of water out of the very air to hinder his opponents. Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card. Note: this product comes with a plastic base.
Sold out -5% sale
Bushido Bushido: Temple of Ro-Kan: Yuuki $10.12 $10.65
Yuuki’s quickly found the name of the wind, where others hear only whistle and whisper. Yuuki hears the chatter of excited and boundless Kami. She is an able warrior and much like her element; rarely still, in play she is light and airy like a summer breeze but when called upon in battle she is a direct and relentless howling gale. Her vitality is endless and her speed astounding, her body a blur of motion as she unleashes blow after blow, an unstoppable storm of Rokan’s fury personified. Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card. Note: this product comes with a plastic base. 
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Bushido Bushido: Temple of Ro-Kan: Master Akari $10.12 $10.65
The legendary Master of the Temple’s slow and thoughtful nature with his students is the exact opposite when on the battlefield. The diminutive Tanuki is a cyclone of energy, flying between enemies in a flurry of blows, dashing from melee to melee. Nigh impossible to target at range the enemy must close in an attempt to deal with this furry thorn. The Temple do not exclude any who hold the needs of the many and protection of the realm above personal gain as their ideals, Master Akari & Kuma are perfect examples of this mentality. Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card. Note: this product comes with a plastic base.
Sold out -5% sale
Bushido Bushido: Ronin & Kami: Ancestor Spirit $10.12 $10.65
Those that follow the way of Michi will often spend hours in meditation, waiting for a sign from their ancestors of the correct path they should follow or the right choice to make. In times of peril the ancestor spirits have been known to manifest in physical form. Their presence guiding the hands, minds and blades of the living, gifting them their infinite insight and knowledge gathered from their timeless vigil and granting them the courage to stay on the path. Of course this comes at a great price to the spirit for once you have left the heavens you may never return… This model can be fielded as part of a warband affiliated with the following factions: Ito Clan Minimoto Clan Prefecture of Ryu Shiho Clan Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile card. Note: this product comes with a plastic base. 
Sold out -5% sale
Bushido Bushido: Ito Clan: Satoshi $10.12 $10.65
He is beast of a man revered by the Ito ashigaru for his size and strength. Some jokingly claim he must have been stolen from the Minimoto, but never within earshot of Satoshi. His sheer determination have seen him survive where others would submit. Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card. Note: this product comes with a plastic base. 
Sold out -5% sale
Bushido Bushido: Ito Clan: Ito Masunagi $10.12 $10.65
Little is known of Itsunagi Ito’s enforcer. The “Red Death” as he is known in Okyo, named so for the mask that never leaves his face. Some whisper that Orochi’s gift has warped and distorted his face. What is clear is that his mind is definitely twisted. The apparent satisfaction he makes from cleaving his foes in half, or the calmness in battle reflects the actions of one who is teetering close to madness. Rumours and conjecture aside what is undisputable is that Masunagi Ito is a fearsome and brutal warrior on the field of battle. Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card. Note: this product comes with a plastic base.
-5% sale
Bushido Bushido: Kinshi Temple: The Void -... $65.66 $69.11
The Void is the antithesis of those from the Temple of Ro-Kan, the direct opposite in every way, shape and form. If Ro-Kan is light, then the Void is its shadow; it is the night to their day, and the most obvious observation is the Yin to their Yang. Unlike the monks of the Ro-Kan, they have no Ki. None. Life and time generate Ki; the Void monks seek to destroy it. The Void aims to return everything to a glorious state of nothing, darkness, silence, and Void. What the Temple of Ro-Kan builds, the Void monks seek to eradicate. One of the unique mechanics we developed for this faction is the Void Rifts. These are “Special Terrain” that can be placed in several ways to allow teleporting around the table. But when these Rifts open, because they come from the Void, the earth cracks open and retreats, not wanting to be in contact with them, and in some cases, columns of rock rise from the ground and push the monks away from the sacred earth.  It shows how the land reviles these abominations who give themselves to the Void. The most significant difference when taking The Void to the battlefield in Bushido is that they all have a zero for their maximum Ki stat.  None of them can have any Ki tokens, ever. (A few ronin and Kami can be included with the Void monks, but none of the new models has ki themselves.) The Void box includes a Communal Card, like the Bakemono Horde card, with all the rules needed to play using their new resource mechanic. Rather than accumulating Ki, specific actions will add Void Counters to the communal card. As the counters accumulate, new abilities are unlocked for the warband, including Feats, Boosts, Teleporting, destruction of terrain and accelerating the Void Counter gains. Blister contains 7 miniatures supplied with 30mm bases and 20 full colour cards. Note: this product comes with plastic bases. 
Sold out -5% sale
Bushido Bushido: Cult of Yurei: Yuta of... $65.66 $69.11
The Yuta of Yurei are three fell-hearted sisters walking the dark paths of the world, sowing chaos and corruption wherever they go. Having made Yurei’s Dark Bargain for the promise of power and life everlasting, they have become one, united as a coven, shrieking their wants and desires into the night, and always at the expense of others, never themselves. They combine their powers to cast spells long-forgotten for a reason, conjurations that bring forth nothing but malice and disease and malefic yokai dripping with hate. They haunt the dark places of Jwar, picking over graves and battlefields like carrion crows so that they can raise Gashadokuro skeletons and summon Kairai to aid their plans of ill-intent. But three was once four; there was another sister before they became a triumvirate. Her name is Hikari, and because she rejected Yurei’s bargain, her own sisters killed her, rendering her Soulless. Each Yuta model has access to some of the most potent and expensive Ki Feats in the game; they pool their Ki to allow them to cast these foul incantations. Their shared Ki means they cannot use their magic on each other. Hikari, the fallen Yuta, offers more options to Yuta players as her now soulless nature allows her to automatically win opposed ki tests. Contains 8 miniatures supplied with 30mm bases and 13 full colour cards. Note: This box contains more models than the pre-release version; the additional models, Hikari and Minarai are available separately for those who pre-ordered the Yuta Boxed Set during Adepticon 2020. Note: this product comes with plastic bases. You may purchase resin receptacles upgrades with optional magnets

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