Bushido: Cult of Yurei: Shokji & Gluttony

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Bushido: Cult of Yurei: Shokji & Gluttony

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$14.66 $15.43 -5% OFF

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Product description

Shokuji eats until he can eat no more. Is it hunger? Perhaps it was in the beginning, when he was a starving orphan, sleeping rough and alone on the streets. But over time, it’s now more compulsion than anything else. He may consume his weight in food every day, but he is empty inside no matter how much he eats. The Kami of Gluttony is now bound to him, twinned to his soul. Shokuji unleashes Gluttony to fight his foes but has a far more sinister trick up his grease and sauce stained sleeve. Shokuji can instil the same ravenous hunger that drives him into others, but with one twisted compulsion, they crave the flesh of humans and will stop at nothing to get it. Young or old, cooked or raw, matters not to those suffering from this affliction. Even if cured one day, the sheer memory of past acts is enough to leave a bad taste in their mouths.

Once Gluttony is summoned, it can eat an enemy model whole then slowly digest them throughout the game. However, Shokuji’s instil Gluttony Ki Feat is just as impressive. It allows you to control a model, but more importantly, if you can cause damage with the controlled model, you do not remove the control marker; it wants to eat more! With the correct choice of enemy model and clever use of these fell activations, you could control the model for the entire game.

Blister contains two miniatures, 40mm + 30mm bases and full colour profile cards.

Note: this product comes with plastic bases.

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