Warcry: Nightmare Quest Box Set

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Warcry: Nightmare Quest Box Set

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$157.25 $185.00 -15% OFF

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GW Fulfillment of popular kits after our initial small allocation has become increasingly delayed and normally takes about three to four weeks. We have had pretty good luck on getting our second allocation but can not make any guarantees as very popular items like Kill Team: Kasrkin, Boarding Patrol: Death Guard, Boarding Patrol: Tau, and THe Lion & Retinue have all not been fulfilled. We did get secondary allocations of all other boarding patrols and Kill Team: Soulshackle.

We'll do our absolute best to get you everything you order in as timely a way as possible but can not guarantee delivery. Thank you so much for checking out our little store!

This boxed set contains:
' 64-page softcover Warband Tome: Might and Madness ' with background, artwork, rules, quests, and campaigns for both of the two warbands in the box

' Questor Soulsworn ' 6 elite Stormcast Eternals, each a wandering hero brought together by fate. These multipart plastic miniatures include 6x Errant-Questors armed with a variety of weapons ' two models in this versatile kit can alternatively be built as Questor Primes, and two can alternatively be built as Knight-Relictors

' Royal Beastflayers ' 10 deluded cannibal ghouls who act as hunting hounds and gamekeepers for their vampiric monarchs. These multipart plastic miniatures include 1x Royal Flaymaster, 1x Beastflayer Baron, and 3x Gore-Squires with a variety of cosmetic options, as well as 2x Offal Hounds and 3x Ghoul Trackers

' Gnarlwood Scenery ' 10 pieces of plastic terrain, fully compatible with existing Gnarlwood scenery kits, including 1x Realmshaper Engine, 2x Gnarloaks, 2x Rope Bridges, and 5x Obstacles such as shattered ruins, palisades, bones, and broken posts

' A double-sided 22" x 30" folding gaming board, depicting two perilous jungle floors

' 30x battleplan cards, including 12x terrain cards, 6x deployment cards, 6x victory cards, and 6x twist cards

' 17x warband cards, including 2x ability cards, 3x divider cards, 7x fighter cards for the Questor Soulsworn, and 5x fighter cards for the Royal Beastflayers

Nightmare Quest is a great way to expand your games of Warcry, playing skirmish battles between two powerful warbands in a disturbing and deadly landscape. You will need a copy of the Warcry: Core Book to use the contents of this expansion box.

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly

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