Hobby Masterclass: Dan Ozbörne 2-Day Airbrush Knight Titan Class - June 22nd & 23rd, 2024

$275.00 $350.00 -22% OFF

Hobby Masterclass: Dan Ozbörne 2-Day Airbrush Knight Titan Class - June 22nd & 23rd, 2024

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$275.00 $350.00 -22% OFF

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Note: We can only hold the class if we have at least 8 students sign-up so make sure to share with your friends!

Join Dan Ozborne in our brand new, and expanded store for an in-depth exploration of robot, knight, and titan painting techniques. Unveil time-saving tricks and incorporate essential products like airbrush stencils & liquid latex mask into your workflow. 

Students will learn true metallic metal techniques, unleash amazing OSL effects with fluorescent paints, weapon scorching effects, and delve into unique weathering methods with cracking medium, texture paint, oils, enamels, and Dirty Down Rust. 

Suitable for all skill levels, the class includes essential supplies for hands-on practice.

Attendees will need to bring: 

  • An airbrush setup including: compressor, airbrush cleaning pot/cup, airbrush cleaner 
  • A selection of favorite colors to paint with, a variety of old and new paintbrushes (be sure to bring atleast a couple synthetics), and a wet or dry palette. 
  • A built and black primed Warhammer 40,000 Knight model - any Imperial or chaos knight larger than an armiger model. Please leave ALL weapon & armour plates off and unglued. 
    • Students may bring their own knight model, or purchase one separately from Herrick Games (with a nice discount) by emailing sales@herrickgames.com
    • Models with plasma weaponry are
    • most ideal for learning OSL techniques 
  • A selection of weathering products will be on hand to be used during the class including: enamels, oils, and dirty down rust.

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