Relicblade: Akadh Speargobs

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Relicblade: Akadh Speargobs

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$16.15 $17.00 -5% OFF

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Relicblade: Adventure Battle Game, Neutral Character

Note: Cards Not Included. These cards are found in the Kingdoms of Akadh Faction Pack.

Speargobs are the footmen of the Akadhian armies. They are as hardy as they are loyal. Which is to say, they are extremely hardy and loyal. Given the opportunity, I highly recommend investing a few coins to hire a team of these fellows will make your quest just that much easier.

AND Be sure to pick up a few extra teams of Speargobs to summon for your adventures across the Mystic Skies!

This model kit includes two Speargobs. Speargobs have the Team special character type.

These 30mm white metal miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted, and includes two 25mm round slotted base.

Though they are cute, they are not toys! these metal miniatures are collectibles intended for ages 12 and up. Not babies. Please. Do not give these to babies.

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