Twilight Imperium: 4th Edition

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Twilight Imperium: 4th Edition

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$131.99 $164.99 -21% OFF

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Product description
"The signs of great change are everywhere. I feel as if the galaxy is waking. As if an ancient beast stirs from slumber in a dark cave."
- Mahthom Iq Seerva, Keeper of the Custodian Chronicle

In the years following the devastating Twilight Wars, the great races of the former Lazax Empire retreated to their respective homeworlds, and a period of tenuous quiet prevailed.

Now, the galaxy stirs once more, and the great races are again looking beyond their borders into the far reaches of space. Mecatol Rex, the jewel of galactic civilization, awaits the one who would be so bold as to take up the mantle of Emperor.

Who will come forth to claim the throne? Be it through military domination or clever manipulation of the galactic council, the great races prepare for the dawn of a new age.

17 Faction Sheets
6 Command Sheets
51 System Tiles
354 Plastic Units
8 Strategy Cards
1 Victory Point Track
59 Planet Cards
40 Objective Cards
80 Action Cards
50 Agenda Cards
41 Promissory Note Cards
1 Speaker Token
122 Technology Cards
62 Unit Upgrade Cards
1 Custodian Token
2 Creuss Wormhole Tokens
1 Naalu "0" Token
2 Nekro Assimilator Tokens
272 Command Tokens
289 Control Markers
48 Trade Good and Commodity Tokens
49 Infantry Tokens
49 Fighter Tokens
8 Ten-sided Dice

Ages: 14+
Players: 3-6
Game Length: 240-480 minutes

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