Two Thin Coats: Berserker Red

$4.90 $4.99 -2% OFF

Two Thin Coats: Berserker Red

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$4.90 $4.99 -2% OFF

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Product description

What colours are in the range?

To start off we will have 60 colours in the range. This includes 6 fantastic washes that both dry matt as well as get into those recesses with minimum fuss. We also have 6 shiny metallics that use a brand new technology to help those metals shine! These cover so well and we will be starting with 3 golds and 3 silvers. Then we have the remaining 48 colours of which we have both your primary and secondary colours alongside a wide range of other colours to suit.��

We have designed these, including the metallics, as a triad system. That means we start off with your Shadow colour, then your Mid-tone and finally your Highlight. Of course, you can use them however you see fit and change them around according to your style and taste.��

Packaged in plastic��15 ml��dropper bottles.


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