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Artis Opus Artis Opus: D Series - Brush... $108.00 $120.00
Please select your options for your brush set. Use the images for guidance.All Series D sets come complete with:- Size XS Drybrush- Size S Drybrush- Size M Drybrush- Size L Drybrush- Size XL Drybrush- 3ml Brush Soap- Dampening pad
-7% sale
Monument Hobbies ProAcryl: Base Paint Set $93.00 $100.00
Updated Set Colors! We've updated the Base Set to include the original 24 non-metallic colors in the line. You can now find all the original metallic paints in the Metallic Set. All Monument paints are a premium high-density pigment in superior acrylic mediums. They provide great coverage right out of the bottle, thin evenly to achieve any level of transparency, and dry to a beautiful matte finish. Whether brush or airbrush, we have formulated them to provide the same consistency in color and coverage. Pro Acryl paints come with an innovative, no clog, cap, that provides the benefits of a dropper bottle and twist cap all in one! All paints come loaded with our signature glass agitators and are sealed for freshness!22ml of paint per bottle.Paints included -Bold Titanium WhiteCoal BlackBold Pyrrole RedGreenBlueGolden YellowOrangeBurnt RedMahoganyPurpleMagentaSky BlueFaded UltramarineDark Grey BlueBright Warm GreyDark Warm GreyGolden BrownLight UmberDark UmberCamo GreenJadeBright IvoryIvoryTan Flesh
-8% sale
Godhand Godhand: Ultimate Nippers $59.99 $65.00
Ultra thin single edged! Ultimate Sharpness! .Ultra thin single edged brings excellent performance with less work time!Ultimate nipper is designed for the gate cut by pursuing the ultimate cut.When trying to slice and cut the 3mm runner, the blade will move freely and smoothly without any noise. 'Shave & Cut' structure allows a smooth cut surface as if it is cut off by a design knife and it minimizes plastic whitening.Compared to a standard nipper, the section that is cut has a clean surface which is beneficial to those who want to finish the plastic models without painting.The cut section is smoothFor people who paint plastic models, this is the best nipper to use because when they cut along the edge, it leaves no remains of the gate. It leaves with a clean cut section. This shortens the time spent on filing the gate.When cutting small parts, it will not fly away. It will decrease the amount of time spent searching for the fly away parts.Ultimate nipper not only does it save time but also require less work.To cut off a 3mm plastic, the Ultimate nipper only requires a force of 2kg when a normal nipper requires a force of 3.5-10kg.
Sold out -8% sale
Monument Hobbies Monument Hobbies: Pro Sable 5 Brush... $59.47 $63.95
The ultimate PRO Sable set! Combines all 5 round sizes - 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4Our PRO Sables are made from the finest Sable and designed with a shape that will load a sizable amount of paint, while delivering perfect control with every stroke. Great 'snap' and very fine points to put the finishing details on your models. Great for use with acrylics as well as other thin mediums, PRO Sables will allow you to blend easily and create the finest details at any scale.These new sables replace our BombWick Igniter set.
-10% sale
Redgrass Games Redgrass Games: Everlasting Wet Palette -... $40.50 $45.00
TThe best wet palette for miniatures is back, completely transformed with a host of new features. This includes the incredible hydration system. World's first reusable membrane. Incredible moisturization capacity. Thicker foams. Tightest sealing case. Painter v2 is now larger with up to 20% more painting space compared to previous generations. All these features will improve your technical painting performance. The new wider standard size redefined, easy to store and carry. For small to medium working space. Size: 16.5cm x 24 cm (6.5' x 9.44'). Everlasting Wet Palette Painter v2 ' Fire Red 15x Painter v2 Reusable Membranes 2������ Painter v2 Hydration Foam ' 3mm
-11% sale
Scale75 Scale75: Metal'N Alchemy Golden Paint Set $35.99 $39.99
8 colors, 17 mL each
-15% sale
Citadel Hobby Products Citadel Tools: Mouldline Remover $21.25 $25.00
The incredibly popular mouldline remover has been redesigned by the Citadel: Tools team to be more useful than ever. This version of the Mouldline Remover includes a number of improved features:' Longer and thinner nose, roughly half the size of the previous version, reaches every nook and cranny while increasing visibility and precision' Ergonomic handle is tapered in the front, allowing you to change to a pencil-like control grip for fine work, with a chunky base to allow greater comfort and reduce hand fatigue during normal use' Notched back designed to clean up the tapered edges of your bases, making it quick and easy to get a paint-ready finishv
Tamiya Paints Tamiya: Modeler's Knife Pro w/6 Spare... $20.16
Tamiya: Modeler's Knife Pro w/6 Spare Blades Straight, Curved & Chisel
-10% sale
Redgrass Games Redgrass Games: Brush Size 2 $18.00 $20.00
Every situations from basing to layering Large belly to carry a lot of paint Sharp tip for maximum control Good snap to hold a perfect point Made from natural Kolinsky hair PAINT LIKE A PROWe created the best brushes for miniature painting. With their finest tips and large bellies, they will cover all your painting needs, with the highest available Kolinsky hair. Brush Size 2, the perfect brush for all your painting needs from basing to layering.
-10% sale
Redgrass Games Redgrass Games: 360 Miniature Holder V2 $15.30 $17.00
RGG 360������ (design patent) is the only natural ergonomic miniature holder designed to create the best connection between you and your miniature, help you adopt the best painting position and minimize unnecessary movements. The perfected painting handle.Unique features' Universal mounting putty: stick any miniature 10 to 50mm bases' The only holder with smooth 360������ rotation to help you achieve a better painting at every angle. Effortlessly!' Swappable cap: You can now paint multiple miniatures with just one holder (additional caps sold separately).' Magnetic dock for improved stability Each handle is provided with 15gr of mounting putty as well as the metal disc for docking.
-10% sale
Redgrass Games Redgrass Games: Brush Size 2/0 $14.40 $16.00
PAINT LIKE A PRO We created the best brushes for miniature painting. With their finest tips and large bellies, they will cover all your painting needs, with the highest available Kolinsky hair. Double 0 (size 2/0) is the perfect brush for top precision. Perfect for eyes, small details and more Achieve sharp lines effortlessly Needle-like shape Tapered point for perfect control Made from natural Kolinsky hair
-7% sale
Monument Hobbies ProAcryl: Primer - Black Brown $13.72 $14.75
Pro Acryl PRIME is the absolute best hobby primer you can get! We've formulated our primers to give great flow through your airbrush with no thinning required and easy cleanup, but also to work great by brushing them on with 2 quick coats! Great matte finish and strong adhesion to make sure all your paint grabs the model the way it should. In addition, they are color-matched to their normal Pro Acryl counterpart!120ml bottle.Make sure to allow the primer to cure fully for best results.
Sold out
Herrick Games Herrick Games and Hobbies Gift Card from $10.00
Want to get an amazing gift but don't know the difference between a Squig and a Squigoth? Well, why don't you get them a gift card instead. Gift cards can be used in store or online and are great way to buy something for that person in your life that already has an overflowing Horder of Happiness. Multiple denominations are available too!
-5% sale
Geek Gaming Scenics Geek Gaming: High Grade PVA 250ml $10.00 $10.50
This Modeling PVA Glue comes in a 250ml re-sealable bottle with dispenser cap.It is ideal for fine detail on 20mm, 25mm, and 50mm bases, or for larger areas for dioramas.You can use our very own Ground Cover, Flocks or collection of Static Grasses.You could also use it with Modelling Foam and create all sorts of terrain.
Sold out -7% sale
Monument Hobbies Monument Hobbies: Jentastic's Drunken Brush Goop... $8.84 $9.50
Looking for the best brush cleaner, restorer, conditioner, and reshaper all in one easy-to-use product? You've come to the right place!Jen has created a concoction of super goop that will strip all the old paint out of your brush and also condition it back to a usable state and even re-point it (unless you've used it to clean chimneys or toilets ' then we can't make guarantees). Hand-made by unicorns with all-natural and sustainable ingredients, it cleans like a boss and won't destroy your brushes.Ideal for both natural hair (sables) and synthetic brushes.Use after each session by wetting your brush and loading it with soap. Work the soap to a light lather and watch the paint disappear. After you clean, simply put a little soap back on the brush and bring to a point, then leave until the next time you paint to condition your point back to quality! It's that simple.2oz size
Sold out -6% sale
Geek Gaming Scenics Geek Gaming: Matt Scenic Sealant Spray... $8.50 $9.00
Create a clear effect using Matt Scenic Sealant Spray, a powerful water-based adhesive that keeps your project together. You can brush on or spray on ' the choice is up to you!This is great for sealing down modelling scenics in particular, foliage, flocks, sand and ballasts. You'll be able to secure your details with a reliable adhesive sealant. It will seal your product on the layout and it will dry to a clear finish, ensuring that your work is not ruined by unsightly adhesive marks. 250 ml Seals product on layout Multi-purpose Ideal for modelling
-6% sale
Geek Gaming Scenics Geek Gaming: Base Ready - Arid... $8.50 $9.00
Lukes Aps Base Ready - Arid Grasslands is our custom hand mixed mixture of sands, gravels, foams, static grass, sawdust and aggregates.Perfect for give your miniatures that extra special base.Works Amazing as a basing material for models needing that arid grassland feel.When combined with our fast drying basing glue and tufts, you can have an army fit for any competition or battle in minutesIts as easy as: Glue it Dip it Grass it Done it Approx: 150ml
-21% sale
AK Interactive AK Interactive: Ultra Matte Acrylic Varnish... $7.91 $9.89
AK Interactive: Ultra Matte Acrylic Varnish 60ml Bottle
Sold out -21% sale
Vallejo Acrylic Paints Vallejo: 32ml Bottle Gold Metal Color $7.88 $9.86
Vallejo: 32ml Bottle Gold Metal Color
Sold out -21% sale
Vallejo Acrylic Paints Vallejo: 32ml Bottle Silver Metal Color $7.88 $9.86
Vallejo: 32ml Bottle Silver Metal Color
Sold out -21% sale
Vallejo Acrylic Paints Vallejo: 32ml Bottle Steel Metal Color $7.88 $9.86
Vallejo: 32ml Bottle Steel Metal Color
-21% sale
Vallejo Acrylic Paints Vallejo: 32ml Bottle Copper Metal Color $7.88 $9.86
Vallejo: 32ml Bottle Copper Metal Color
-10% sale
Citadel Hobby Products Citadel Shade: Agrax Earthshade $7.02 $7.80
Formulated to draw out details with natural-looking depth and shadow Glossy finish Water-based formula Pot size: 18ml
-7% sale
Monument Hobbies Monument Hobbies: Hobby Adhesive (Super Glue)... $6.98 $7.50
Sometimes, you just have to stick it! Pro Affix is Monument's answer for the all-around hobby adhesive. Glue your plastic, resin, and metal together quickly and with a secure bond. Thick enough to allow for filling of small gaps in join lines, but thin enough to flow easily and not gum up your model. Pro Affix is a CA (cyanoacrylate) or "super" glue that is built to create the strongest bond with quick cure times to keep you in the zone while building your next project.1oz bottle.
-15% sale
The Army Painter Army Painter: Highland Tuft $5.99 $6.99
Rolling hills and deep lochs, the Highland Tuft lets you mimic this mysterious scenery. Super realistic bases 3 different sizes for any base size Easy to use and attach quickly with super glue Use the Army Painter Tweezer set to attach tufts to your bases

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