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Hobby Classes Hobby Masterclass: Dan Ozbörne 2-Day Airbrush... $275.00 $350.00
Note: We can only hold the class if we have at least 8 students sign-up so make sure to share with your friends! Join Dan Ozborne in our brand new, and expanded store for an in-depth exploration of robot, knight, and titan painting techniques. Unveil time-saving tricks and incorporate essential products like airbrush stencils & liquid latex mask into your workflow. Students will learn true metallic metal techniques, unleash amazing OSL effects with fluorescent paints, weapon scorching effects, and delve into unique weathering methods with cracking medium, texture paint, oils, enamels, and Dirty Down Rust.  Suitable for all skill levels, the class includes essential supplies for hands-on practice. Attendees will need to bring:  An airbrush setup including: compressor, airbrush cleaning pot/cup, airbrush cleaner  A selection of favorite colors to paint with, a variety of old and new paintbrushes (be sure to bring atleast a couple synthetics), and a wet or dry palette.  A built and black primed Warhammer 40,000 Knight model - any Imperial or chaos knight larger than an armiger model. Please leave ALL weapon & armour plates off and unglued.  Students may bring their own knight model, or purchase one separately from Herrick Games (with a nice discount) by emailing Models with plasma weaponry are most ideal for learning OSL techniques  A selection of weathering products will be on hand to be used during the class including: enamels, oils, and dirty down rust. Students may purchase a full set of class materials by emailing
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Hobby Classes Painting Workshop - Intro to Airbrushing... $200.00
Note: Discounts and Coupons can not be used for this class as we want to give as much as possible to Dev for teaching. Also, there will be no refunds if you are unable to attend as we still have to pay the teacher. We will endeavor to find you a replacement who can buy your ticket but we can not provide refunds if you change your mind or miss the class. Sorry!Airbrushing Skin Tones for BeginnersClass will take place April 22-23rd, 2023 at our store in Boulder Creek from approximately 9am-5pm both days.This two day class will take you through using an airbrush from the basic maintenance through to how to use it to develop your knowledge of realistic flesh tones by painting up an Age of Sigmar Gargant. Everything from basic disassembly, correct paint thinning, fleshtone techniques and more. Whether you are completely new to airbrushing or looking to become more comfortable with one you already have, this course will teach you a ton.We're working to get some airbrush packages from Badger Games set up for attendees who want to start airbrushing for the first time in addition to some also tools to help your process.What to bring:- Airbrush! (including all the variants, spares and tools you'll need with it)- Compressor- Preferred paint brushes- A wet palette if you have one (some will be available too)- Painting Light- Paint pot/cup- Hairdryer if possible- A selection of paints (especially the ones listed below but also others you like working with!)- Anything you normally use to make your painting more effective- Any snacks or food you don't want to get- Mask or respirator if desired for oversprayWhat's provided:- Assembled and Undercoated model- Some paint to share and follow-along (also available to purchase separately)- Paper Towels- Spray Pads- Isopropyl Alcohol- Cotton Buds- Micro Applicators- Dump cups- Measure cups- Paper platesPaints used:ScaleColor Flesh paint set (SSE-003) (SC-17 to SC-24) Or F&G Velvet Skin paint set (SSE-059)Seraphim SepiaAgrax EarthshadeReikland FleshshadeProAcryl: Titanium White InkGW Contrast Mantis Warrior GreenGW Contrast Luxion PurpleGW Mephiston RedCoat D'arms - Hawk TurquoiseTamiya X-20A ThinnerVallejo Glaze Medium
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Hobby Classes [Waitlist] Nikolas Mortensen (NRM) Stippling NMM... $0.01 $500.00
Note: We have reached our full capacity - this is the waitlist.  If someone desires to cancel I will give them your email and you can work out transferring the class.  Join us in a 2-day workshop with Golden Demon winner Nikolas Mortensen at Herrick Games and Hobbies!  Known for his high contrast Games Workshop painting style, Nikolas will teach how to achieve it for your favorite models, center pieces, and heroes.  he will teach how to identify the right highlight areas and walk you through the approach of painting different textures, metals, skin, etc. In this class we will paint on of Nikolas's own Knight Busts.  Model, class paints, and Artis Opus Brushes will be provided. Join us for this great opportunity.

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