Big Child Creatives: Knights of the Round Table Pack of 12 Figurines 35 mm

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Big Child Creatives: Knights of the Round Table Pack of 12 Figurines 35 mm

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$60.92 $67.69 -11% OFF

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Product description

Ancient Britain lives in dark times, destined for an age of war and conflict. The pagan gods struggle not to die in oblivion in the face of the rise of a new religion. Arthur Pendragon, King, and Lord of Camelot find himself at a crossroads; he has to choose between love and honor, loyalty and his passions, the new faith and the old. Enter a timeless story, and live the Arthurian myth with his characters, the knights of the round.

Product’s description
Scale model resin kit to assemble and paint. It requires glue and paint, not included in the kit. Specific tools for scale modeling and putty may be needed.

– Remove extra resin and get parts out from the sprues
– File easily the mold lines
– Check the fitting of the pieces and glue them
– Use putty if necessary to fill imperfections
– Prime the figure and start painting!



Knights of the round

Knights of the round miniatures are characterized by an incredible detailed design and a size that is ideal to paint perfectly and comfortably. You can choose anyone or a combo with knights in a group.

On the other hand, the Knights of the round in mini size are similar to other mini works that were really designed with the painter in mind and are available from Big Child Creatives.

In addition, all of these figures have great details and bases. The bases are larger than the normal minimums. Please look very closely at the height guide image to see how tall this miniature is. Remember that the chart is expressed in millimeters.

And, the best part is that Big Child Creatives is officially licensed to create and sell physical prints of the miniatures designed by themselves.

Thus, collecting miniatures of ancient warriors is a passion for many people. There are collections with figures of ancient warriors of all qualities and prices, and there are collectors who only collect the most beautiful and elegant pieces that are true jewels of art. We all know that the higher the quality, the higher the price.

If you wish to collect precious miniatures of ancient warriors, authentic artistic marvels of the past with their history and beauty, or if you already collect them, you know that this is a basically cultural and historical collection. 

This brings to mind great military and combat feats that demanded from these warriors courage and many virtues such as loyalty, discipline and fortitude, as they fought for noble objectives.

Use of the knight miniatures

There are many miniatures of Templar warriors, of different sizes, made entirely in resin. These knights of the round were the founders of a better society and defenders of the less fortunate; as well as protectors of the Holy Land and its citizens.

The Templar warriors had their own style of fighting. That style had no name, they simply called it fighting, they had no need to name it. The Templars, like most pilgrims to the Holy Land, came from different parts of Europe and in each place they called their way of fighting differently.

Since they came from all over Europe, it is believed that they taught each other the different types of fighting that existed in each part of Europe. Like arrest techniques, dislocations and even weapon techniques, such as fighting with armor or how to use war machines hastily.

The way of fighting of the Knights Templar is considered to be descended from the ancient Viking and Norman warriors, even that influence can be seen in the swords that were used throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. The first thing a Templar warrior learns is that the best way not to be wounded is not to be where you hit.

Product materials

As for the materials used in the set, products are used exclusively for all resin printed materials. This is thanks to manufacturers with a track record in the development of U.V. photopolymers.

Likewise, they partner with 3D modelers and artists to bring unique products to the industry and present incredible art from the growing model printing and tabletop gaming industry as well.

These resins were designed with tabletop gamers and hobbyists in mind, so you are getting one of the highest quality resins on the market today. Work has been done to find a material that is the perfect combination of high quality detail and superior strength. This is so that if the mini is dropped or falls off the table it won’t break into a million pieces.

Customer guarantee

The goal of this company is that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase. When you decide to invest your money in the store, the manufacturer has a couple of obligations. One of them is to make sure that your product arrives in the shortest possible time. The other that the product exceeds your expectations.

If it doesn’t, simply contact customer service, and they will either fix the problem or issue a refund.

Keep in mind that sometimes packages get lost in the mail, but as long as it’s something that doesn’t get out of the company’s hands, you’ll have your figures insured. You can rest assured that this is a reliable place to shop.

Other variations

Medieval Warrior Figures is a strategy board game in which players take control of one of the great powers of the Middle Ages. Such as the Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of France or the Kingdom of England; which fight for control of Europe.

Likewise, that game type is set in the 14th century, and players can fight each other or the AI in a 30-year campaign. Each player has an army of plastic figures. The goal of the game is to conquer the cities and castles of the other players.

Similarly, players can also take control of papacies and empires, giving them additional power in warfare. The game was created by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering; ended up being published by the game company Fantasy Flight Games.

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