Bushido: Ito Clan: Ito Mamushi

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Bushido: Ito Clan: Ito Mamushi

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$14.66 $15.43 -5% OFF

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Mamushi’s ophidian snake form is unique in Jwar in that he gives a warning rattle from his tail before he strikes, and his colours are unlike anything seen before. The Ito considers this a great omen demonstrating that Orochi’s power has extended beyond the Empire, incorporating far-away forms. They always believed Orochi’s power was vast and her reach long, and this new type of warrior now proves what their faith has long sustained. Ito Mamushi is blessed, a favourite of both the Temple and the Shisai and is accorded the requisite formalities. Traditionally the Ito sneer at using the Yari as a weapon, but Mamushi’s lethality and skill with it are deadly enough that he remains unchallenged in that regard.

Mamushi offers Ito players a new Samurai, especially welcome in The Blessed theme. The ability to automatically apply Frightened Markers gives easy access to a new debuff and his 4 Melee and Feint (1) makes him a great combatant. He is self-sufficient, starting with an additional 2 Ki tokens, so he needs little or no support to hold a point.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile card.

Note: this product comes with a plastic base.

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