Bushido: Prefecture of Ryu: Edogawa & Trained Dogs

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Bushido: Prefecture of Ryu: Edogawa & Trained Dogs

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$12.40 $13.06 -6% OFF

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The Hare Clan are Masters of the Art of War. For them, it has become a life-long scholarly pursuit. They seek to turn oft-overlooked components into assets on the battlefield. Take, for instance, the humble dog not so humble in the hands of the Hare Clan. They have long been trained to fulfil a variety of battlefield roles. Some are messengers that go from tent to tent or position to position delivering vital messages or pieces of pertinent information. Some dogs are used to guard the camps at night, equipped to sniff out the enemy or any would-be infiltrators or assassins. Dog-handlers are Ashigaru and may operate with several dogs in a pack depending on the task at hand. Edogowa and his dogs are used to scout ahead, getting the lay of the land then sending the information back to their lines.

A Prefecture warband can benefit significantly from having Edogawa and his dogs on their side. Aki is a messenger dog running notes back and forth. With a Samurai in the fold, they gain the powerful Order trait, allowing up to three Ashigaru to gain an additional activation. Emi, on the other hand, is a highly trained guard dog, so if anyone tries to Surprise a friendly model, it will first have to Test against Emi or have their advantage negated.

Blister contains three miniatures supplied with 30mm bases and full colour profile cards.

Note: this product comes with a plastic base.

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