Bushido: Prefecture of Ryu: Tatsuo

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Bushido: Prefecture of Ryu: Tatsuo

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$10.12 $10.65 -5% OFF

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Though hailing from a noble house, Tatsuo always felt destined for the priesthood, and so she faithfully served her local Michi shrine, rising through the ranks with age. She felt she belonged there, happy in her work, hoping to remain there for the rest of her days. But all that changed when she saw a dragon…whether she was asleep and dreaming or it was real, Tatsuo does not know, but regardless she followed as fast as her feet allowed despite its mighty wings. Her journey, possibly real, possibly imagined, took her through parts of Jwar she never knew existed until, eventually, the dragon landed outside the Temple of the Heavenly Dragon. She immediately made the connection between the two and, bowing to the magnificent sentinel, swore her solemn service to it and those of the temple. That secretive sect welcomed her arrival revealing new mysteries to her. Over time she far exceeded her previous abilities and can now summon the greatest of Takashi Ancestors to aid the clan in its hour of need.

We look forward to players finding many uses for Tatsuo, as she has massive potential. Idolise is a remarkable feat, but the Ancestral Guidance Ki Feat is sure to find uses, as its powerful effects can turn the course of a game. On top of this, with the ability to both provide Virtue Tokens and add several more Virtue Effects, she is a toolbox with an array of benefits to give to the right model at the right time.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile card.

Note: this product comes with a plastic base.

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