Bushido: Silvermoon Syndicate: Wasupu &Senpu

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Bushido: Silvermoon Syndicate: Wasupu &Senpu

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$12.40 $13.06 -6% OFF

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Wasupu: It is unclear exactly where the Silvermoon source their knowledge of new technologies. Whether through a shrewd business deal or more nefarious means the Syndicate acquired the intricate, rapid, reloading mechanism showcased in their repeater crossbows. Wasupu wields this fearsome weapon with great skill and accuracy. Using the finest Minimoto steel, his bolts find the weak points in even the finest armours. On top of this Wasapu can identify the weak points of even the toughest beast.  

Senpu: The only way to ascend the ranks of the Silvermoon is to show undying loyalty to one’s Oyabun, guile and cunning to advance the collective goals of your gumi and the syndicate as a whole, and finally savagely and without question removing any threats to the organisation. Senpu is a veteran of many missions and a dangerous opponent, with a target in his sights he advances upon the foe, his twin butterfly swords a blur of motion bouncing missiles aimed at him away until close enough for a flurry of blows to fell his adversary. 

Blister contains two miniatures supplied with 30mm bases and full colour profile cards.

Note: this product comes with plastic bases.

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