Bushido: Temple of Ro-Kan: Grand Master Ekusa

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Bushido: Temple of Ro-Kan: Grand Master Ekusa

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$25.47 $26.81 -5% OFF

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After a meeting of Masters, The venerable Master Ekusa was nominated by Master Enos to become Grand Master of the Temple.
A single leader to combat the many threats the Temple faces with the Savage Wave, Cult of Yurei and strife among the Samurai Clans (Again) being exacerbated by the return of the Kinshi Temple from out of time and existence. Ekusa still sits atop his old friend Kame Sam, but the newly opened Ki energies have invigorated the old master, he now levitates above the tortoise shell and he looks less than half his true age. With all the resources of the Temple at his disposal, will Ekusa turn the tide?

Temple players have been using Ekusa since the original release of the game.  With his unmatched Channel and Leach abilities and unique support options he already has a place in many lists. His new options open the choices for list building even more with an enhancement to make him the ultimate support model in the Temple faction.  He now comes with an Enhancement card offering more abilities making sure you always get a great activation. The Believer trait is one that monk players have been wanting for a long time. The new model also comes with a theme card which only permits Master Monks.  While this is very limited, the abilities gained allow for a really cinematic list where the Masters are all but unassailable.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 50mm base and 3 full colour cards.

Note: this miniature is resin.

Note: this product comes with a plastic base.

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