Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Dungeon Masters Guide

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Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Dungeon Masters Guide

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$44.96 $49.95 -10% OFF
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Prize of the Treasure Vault

One of the toughest things a villain has to consider is where to store their shinies. You've put together this fantastic lair, filled to the brim with glorious traps and you've even invited a few of the local monsters to populate the lower levels. But what kind of treasure really goeswith your dungeon!? You don't want the heroes to think that you are tacky, after all. of course, it isn't like some wise sage published a book all about helping you organize your evil. Unless...

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Your ambitions are answered and it is all thanks to this officially licensed Dungeon Master's Guide! This tome is one of the core books needed to run the ultimate sessions of Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. This text is 320 pages of tips, tricks, and tables to help you run your very own D&D campaigns. Create brand new monsters to captivate your players or bring your dungeons to life with traps that will test the skills of even the most devious rogues. It's the perfect book for players seeking to take their first steps into becoming the DM or for Dungeon Masters who've been telling tales for years!

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