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Abteilung 502 Abteilung 502: Damaged Weathered & Worn... $9.25 $10.99
Abteilung 502: Damaged Weathered & Worn Models Magazine Issue 4
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Abteilung 502 Abteilung 502: Mastering Oils 1: Oil... $35.99 $42.99
Abteilung 502: Mastering Oils 1: Oil Painting Techniques for Military Vehicles Book
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AK Interactive AK Interactive: AK Interactive 2019 Catalog $10.07 $12.59
AK Interactive: AK Interactive 2019 Catalog
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AK Interactive AK Interactive: Learning Series 6: Flesh... $14.39 $17.99
AK Interactive: Learning Series 6: Flesh & Skin Techniques for Miniatures Book
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AK Interactive AK Interactive: Tanker Techniques Magazine 07 $18.00 $25.00
AK Interactive: Tanker Techniques Magazine 07
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AK Interactive AK Interactive: USN Legendary Jets Aircraft... $43.19 $53.99
AK Interactive: USN Legendary Jets Aircraft Scale Modeling Guide Book
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Dave Taylor Miniatures Armies & Legions & Hordes by... $45.00 $50.00
0,000 miniatures and more! That's how many wargaming models Dave Taylor has painted over the last 27 years. That's dozens of armies, for some of the most popular wargames systems (and some of the most obscure, too!) Some of these have been commissions and others have been personal projects. During that time, he has had a LOT of conversations about the 'what', 'why', and 'how' of the inspiration, preparation, and motivation for such large projects.Last year, Dave decided it was high time he wrote all these things down, compiling decades of knowledge about completing wargaming armies on a regular basis. He also thought it would be cool to include detailed photographs of his more popular projects such as the Genswick 33rd Rifles, his Warlord Titan, and his Nuln Empire army.The Content of Armies & Legions & Hordes: Inspiration Aims Expectations Planning Motivation Triumph! The book will also contain contributions from some of his favorite army painters including: Brandon Palmer from GMM Studios, Ash Barker from Guerrilla Miniature Games, Teri Litorco from That Teri Girl, Mel Bose from The Terrain Tutor, Joel Moon from the Mordian 7th blog, John Cadice from Ninja Division, Brian Carlson from the Brian Carlson Miniatures blog, and John Lyons from Beasts of War.Armies & Legions & Hordes will feature some of Dave's favourite army/collection projects. The photo showcases will also function as specific examples of the army painting process described in the first half of the book. These projects will include: Sci-fi Mass Battle ' 40K Genswick 33rd Rifles Sci-fi Skirmish ' Dark Age collection and terrain Sci-fi Big Project ' 40K Warlord Titan Fantasy Mass Battle ' Warhammer Nuln Empire army Fantasy Skirmish ' Fabled Realms collection and terrain Historical Mass Battle ' Napoleonic British collection Historical Skirmish ' WW2 American collection and terrain Post-apocalyptic Skirmish ' This Is Not A Test collection and terrain
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Big Child Creatives Big Child Creatives: Artbook And Painting... $21.38 $23.76
Echoes of Camelot: Arthurian Legends painting guide. An excellent guide that will provide you with knowledge of our miniature painting process, particularly around the figure of King Arthur and his Knights. Accompanied by magnificent tutorials from epic painters such as: Kryztof Kobalzich, Arnau Lázaro, Rubén Martinez, Marc Masclans and Michal Pisarski.
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Curse of... $44.96 $49.95
Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Curse of Strahd
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Dungeon Masters... $44.96 $49.95
Prize of the Treasure VaultOne of the toughest things a villain has to consider is where to store their shinies. You've put together this fantastic lair, filled to the brim with glorious traps and you've even invited a few of the local monsters to populate the lower levels. But what kind of treasure really goeswith your dungeon!? You don't want the heroes to think that you are tacky, after all. of course, it isn't like some wise sage published a book all about helping you organize your evil. Unless... Fun DetailsYour ambitions are answered and it is all thanks to this officially licensed Dungeon Master's Guide! This tome is one of the core books needed to run the ultimate sessions of Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. This text is 320 pages of tips, tricks, and tables to help you run your very own D&D campaigns. Create brand new monsters to captivate your players or bring your dungeons to life with traps that will test the skills of even the most devious rogues. It's the perfect book for players seeking to take their first steps into becoming the DM or for Dungeon Masters who've been telling tales for years!
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Essentials Kit $22.49 $24.99
WIZARDS of THE COASTWith the Essentials Kit, new players will learn to create characters of levels 16 and experience the thrill of being the Dungeon Masters. Includes the introduction of sidekick rules. Dragon of Icespire Peak, a 64-page introductory adventure. Double-sided poster map for use with the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure (21 x 15). Four-panel, folding Dungeon Masters screen (33 X 8.5). 6 blank character sheets. 11 polyhedral dice. 81 cards describing magic items, sidekicks, and other D&D game elements, plus a folding box to hold all the cards
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Monster Manual $44.96 $49.95
A Beastly Bestiary Whether you're a warrior who has wandered the world or a wise wizard who has studied realms far and wide, there are always new creatures to discover. And if you're the creator of an entire story to be told one session at a time, you might need a little help figuring out the details of everything from the creepy crawlies to the majestic monsters. Sure, you could snap your fingers and come up with a brand new beastie... though a foundation of classic creatures and exciting new beings at the ready would help tell your tale!Fun DetailsIt is time to consult the one tome every player is eager to read: the officially licensed Monster Manual for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons! This 352-page text includes all you'll need to populate your D&D campaign with creatures colossal and tiny, friendly and monstrous. Each page features a creature new or familiar with inspiring artwork and stat blocks to ensure your players face a fun (and sometimes scary) challenge. Use the index at the back to find the perfect monster and call out everyone's favorite phrase: "Roll initiative!"
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Mordenkainen`s Tome... $44.96 $49.95
Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Mordenkainen`S Tome of Foes
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Out of... $44.96 $49.95
Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Out of The Abyss
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Players Handbook $44.96 $49.95
Everything a player needs to create heroic characters for the world's greatest roleplaying game The Player's Handbook(R) is the essential reference for every Dungeons & Dragons(R) roleplayer. It contains rules for character creation and advancement, backgrounds and skills, exploration and combat, equipment, spells, and much more. Use this book to create exciting characters from among the most iconic D&D(R) races and classes. Dungeons & Dragons immerses you in a world of adventure. Explore ancient ruins and deadly dungeons. Battle monsters while searching for legendary treasures. Gain experience and power as you trek across uncharted lands with your companions. The world needs heroes. Will you answer the call?
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Starter Set $17.99 $19.99
Get started playing Dungeons & Dragons with the Starter Set! Containing everything you need to leap into a D&D adventure this boxed set is designed for five to six players with one of you taking on the role of the game's lead storyteller the Dungeon Master. Join thousands of other D&D players who have experienced the exciting adventure in the box: 'Lost Mine of Phandelver' a 64-page booklet for the DM to read. If you'd like to learn even more about D&D the Starter Set is a perfect jumping-off point leading next to the main Dungeons & Dragons books: the Player's Handbook Monster Manual and Dungeon Master's Guide. Everything you need to start playing the world's greatest roleplaying game. 'I recommend [the D&D Starter Set] for anyone who's curious and wants to learn D&D.'Ed Grabionowski, The Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set is your gateway to action-packed stories of the imagination. This box contains the essential rules of the game plus everything you need to play heroic characters on perilous adventures in worlds of fantasy. Explore subterranean labyrinths! Plunder hoards of treasure! Battle legendary monsters! FIVE READY-TO-PLAY CHARACTERS SIX DICE ONE ADVENTURE BOOK: LOST MINE of PHANDELVER ONE RULEBOOK ONE CHARACTER SHEET 'D&D acolytes are everywhere.Tech workers from Silicon Valley to Brooklyn have long-running campaigns, and the showrunners and the novelist behind 'Game of Thrones' have all been Dungeon Masters.'Neima Jahromi, The New Yorker Dungeons & Dragons is the world's greatest roleplaying game. Created in 1974, D&D transformed gaming culture by blending traditional fantasy with miniatures and wargaming. The main Dungeons & Dragons books are the Player's Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master's Guide.
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Storm King`s... $44.96 $49.95
Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Storm King`S Thunder
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Sword Coast... $35.96 $39.95
Get everything you need to adventure in the Forgotten Realms on the exciting Sword Coast, home to the cities of Baldur's Gate, Waterdeep, and Neverwinter. Crafted by the scribes at Green Ronin in conjunction with the Dungeons & Dragons team at Wizards of the Coast, the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide provides D&D fans with a wealth of detail on the places, cultures, and deities of northwestern Faer������n.The Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide is also a great way to catch up on recent events in the Forgotten Realms, to get background on locations featured in the Rage of Demons storyline coming in September, and to learn the lore behind video games like Neverwinter and Sword Coast Legends. Here are just a few of the features you'll find in the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide:������ Immersive Adventuring: This campaign sourcebook provides players and Dungeon Masters material for creating vibrant fantasy stories along the Sword Coast. ������ New Character Options: The book offers new subclass options, such as the Purple Dragon Knight and the Swashbuckler, for many of the classes presented in the Player's Handbook, as well as new subraces and backgrounds specific to the Forgotten Realms.������ Adventure in the Forgotten Realms: Discover the current state of the Forgotten Realms and its deities after the Spellplague and the second Sundering. You'll also get updated maps of this area of the Realms.������ Compatible with Rage of Demons storyline: Make characters for use with the Out of the Abyssadventure and fight back the influence of the demon lords in the Underdark below the Sword Coast. ������ Insider Information: Learn the background behind locations, such as Luskan and Gracklstugh, featured in the upcoming digital RPG, Sword Coast Legends, from n-Space.With new character backgrounds and class options, players will love the storytelling possibilities of playing a noble of Waterdeep, an elf bladesinger, or one of the other new options, while Dungeon Masters will relish a book full of mysterious locations and story hooks to keep players adventuring on the Sword Coast for years to come.
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Tyranny of... $26.96 $29.95
Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Tyranny of Dragons - Hoard of The Dragon Queen
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Tyranny of... $26.96 $29.95
Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Tyranny of Dragons - The Rise of Tiamat
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Volo's Guide... $44.96 $49.95
Immerse yourself in monster lore in this supplement for the world's greatest roleplaying gameThis is NOT just another Monster Manual! Volo's Guide to Monsters provides something exciting for players and Dungeon Masters everywhere.������ A deep dive into the lore behind some of D&D's most popular and iconic monsters������ Dozens of monsters new to the fifth edition to include in your epic adventures������ New playable races to allow you to build characters to fit nearly any type of story in your D&D game.The esteemed loremaster Volothamp Geddarm is back and he's written a fantastical dissertation, covering some of the most iconic monsters in the Forgotten Realms. Unfortunately, the Sage of Shadowdale himself, Elminster, doesn't believe Volo gets some of the important details quite right. Don't miss out as Volo and Elminster square off (academically speaking of course) to illuminate the uninitiated on creatures both common and obscure. Uncover the machinations of the mysterious Kraken Society, what is the origin of the bizarre froghemoth, or how to avoid participating in the ghastly reproductive cycle of the grotesque vargouille. Dungeon Masters and players will get some much-needed guidance as you plan your next venture, traipsing about some dusty old ruin in search of treasure, lore, and let's not forget ... dangerous creatures whose horns, claws, fangs, heads, or even hides might comfortably adorn the walls of your trophy room. If you survive.Research has never been so dangerous!
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Waterdeep -... $44.96 $49.95
Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Waterdeep - Dragon Heist
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Waterdeep -... $44.96 $49.95
Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Waterdeep - Dungeon of The Mad Mage
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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Xanathars Guide... $44.96 $49.95
Explore a wealth of new rules options for both players and Dungeon Masters in this supplement for the world's greatest roleplaying game. The beholder Xanathar--Waterdeep's most infamous crime lord--is known to hoard information on friend and foe alike. The beholder catalogs lore about adventurers and ponders methods to thwart them. Its twisted mind imagines that it can eventually record everything!Xanathar's Guide to Everything is the first major expansion for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, offering new rules and story options: - Over twenty-five new subclasses for the character classes in the Player's Handbook, including the Cavalier for the fighter, the Circle of Dreams for the druid, the Horizon Walker for the ranger, and many more - Dozens of new spells, a collection of racial feats, and a system to give your character a randomized backstory - A variety of tools that provide Dungeon Masters fresh ways to use traps, magic items, downtime activities, and more--all designed to enhance a D&D campaign and push it in new directions Amid all this expansion material, Xanathar offers bizarre observations about whatever its eyestalks happen to glimpse. Pray they don't come to rest on you. Beauty and guile are in the eyes of the beholder!
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Games Workshop Necromunda: Apocrypha Necromunda $48.00 $50.00
Few things are simple on Necromunda. Gangers thought lost in battle sometimes resurface later, seemingly back from the dead. Mysterious figures rise to plague an area, taunting the local gangs and working towards their own agenda. Settlements grow, falter, or change as the tides of fate shift. One thing is certain in the underhive – there’s never a dull moment.This campaign book offers a collection of rules intended to enhance your campaigns, including new options for adding a nemesis to your games, dynamic living settings, and even bringing back dead gangers. You’ll also find a collection of existing rules from various publications, updated where needed, to act as a guide for adding new elements to your ongoing campaigns. This is also the first place to find rules for Delaque vehicles.This 128-page hardback contains:– Underhive Nemeses: rules for single individuals who help shape the events of a campaign as foils for your gangs, fleshed out with their own unique abilities.– Living Settings: ever-changing background settlements with variable population, commerce, and environments. Includes six examples.– Resurrection Packages: 10 ways to bring fallen fighters back from the dead… for a price.– Seven scenarios, including four Arbitrator, and three Gang Raid plots.– Uprising Campaigns: a complete narrative campaign, based around the breakdown of Imperial law and the rise of recidivist elements. Includes six scenarios.– Outlaw Brutes: four new horrors and abominations to test your gangs, or bolster them– Vehicle Rules: new options for Van Saar, Escher, Goliath, Orlock, and Cawdor gangs. And, for the first time, rules for Delaque gang vehicles.– Miniatures showcase for House Delaque, and Heroes of Jardlan.This is an expansion to Necromunda – you'll need a copy of the Necromunda: Ash Wastes Rulebook and the Necromunda: Core Rulebook, both available separately, to use the contents of this book.

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