Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Monster Manual

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Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Monster Manual

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$44.96 $49.95 -10% OFF

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A Beastly Bestiary

Whether you're a warrior who has wandered the world or a wise wizard who has studied realms far and wide, there are always new creatures to discover. And if you're the creator of an entire story to be told one session at a time, you might need a little help figuring out the details of everything from the creepy crawlies to the majestic monsters. Sure, you could snap your fingers and come up with a brand new beastie... though a foundation of classic creatures and exciting new beings at the ready would help tell your tale!

Fun Details

It is time to consult the one tome every player is eager to read: the officially licensed Monster Manual for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons! This 352-page text includes all you'll need to populate your D&D campaign with creatures colossal and tiny, friendly and monstrous. Each page features a creature new or familiar with inspiring artwork and stat blocks to ensure your players face a fun (and sometimes scary) challenge. Use the index at the back to find the perfect monster and call out everyone's favorite phrase: "Roll initiative!"

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