Novel: Empire At War The Omnibus (Pb)

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Novel: Empire At War The Omnibus (Pb)

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$17.85 $21.00 -15% OFF

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Product description

A Warhammer Chronicles Omnibus

A collection of novels and short stories telling the story of the Empire ' seat of power in the World-That-Was.

This omnibus edition collects together tales of heroism and sacrifice ' focusing on the dour but courageous Winged Lancers of Kislev, the doughty rank and file of the Imperial halberdiers and the pious warrior-priests of the Sigmarite faith. Also included are an array of short stories, focusing on the many defenders of the Empire.

The Empire is the largest and most powerful realm in the Old World. Founded by the warrior-god Sigmar, it is built up of city-states and provinces that are now bound together under the rule of Emperor Karl Franz. Only through the actions of its valiant heroes has it repelled the numerous invasions brought against it. And in the far north stands Kislev, one of the Empire's staunchest allies and the first bastion against the rampaging Chaos hordes beyond'

' Riders of the Dead (novel) by Dan Abnett
' Grimblades (novel) by Nick Kyme
' Warrior Priest (novel) by Darius Hinks
'Swords of the Empire (anthology) by Various Authors
' The Vampire Hunters (short story) by Robert Earl
' Meat Wagon (short story) by C L Werner
' The Case of the Scarlet Cell (short story) by Gordon Rennie
' Rest for the Wicked (short story) by James Wallis
' The Nagenhof Bell (short story) by Jonathan Green
' Swords of the Empire (short story) by Dan Abnett
' Shyi-Zar (short story) by Dan Abnett
' As Dead As Flesh(short story) by Nick Kyme
' Dead Man's Hand (short story) by Nick Kyme
' Sanctity (short story) by Nick Kyme
' The Miracle of Berlau (short story) by Darius Hinks

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