Novel: The Resting Places (Pb)

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Novel: The Resting Places (Pb)

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$14.40 $16.00 -10% OFF

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A Warhammer Horror Anthology

The Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar settings are rife with danger, both immediate and subtle. These stories take you to dark places, where citizens and soldiers must confront their fears to survive.

This anthology compiles two years of Horror Week eShorts along with two new stories, all in print for the first time in this volume. If you like your Warhammer stories dark and twisted, strap in for a wild ride.

An irascible veteran conceals a monstrous secret. A young victim of tragedy seeks the protection of their mysterious lord. On a feudal world, two men plot against a governor suspected of heresy. And in the pitch-dark skies, a malign entity preys upon a navigator.

From the slaughterhouses of Imperial hive cities to the war-torn streets of the Mortal Realms, superstition and deceit runs rampant. Twisted sacrifices, beguiling foes, the lies we tell ourselves ' these horrors drag their victims, blind or screaming, down sinister paths to a final place of rest.


The following short stories were originally published digitally in the 2021 Horror Week eShort bundle:
' The Vintage, by David Annandale
' The Isenbrach Horror, by Darius Hinks
' Aberration, by Jake Ozga
' Blood Drinker, by James Brogden
'Bird of Change, by Richard Strachan

The following short stories were originally published digitally in the 2022 Horror Week eShort bundle:
' The Pharisene Paradox, by R S Wilt
' The Stacks, by Chris Winterton
' King of Pigs, by J H Archer
' The Somewhere Sister, by Jeremy Lambert
' The Gnarled Bough, by Jamie Mistry-Evans
' Pain Engine, by Chris Thursten

The following two short stories are brand new for this volume:
' Collapse, by J H Archer
' Old Soldiers, by Richard Strachan

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