Relicblade: Lostwood Enclave Faction Set

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Relicblade: Lostwood Enclave Faction Set

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$38.00 $40.00 -5% OFF

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Lostwood Enclave THE STRANGE LOSTWOOD STANDS TO THE WEST of RIVERHOLD. IT IS THE SOURCE of COUNTLESS MYSTERIES AND HAUNTING LEGENDS. THE FORESTS SHIFTING BORDERS MARK THE BOUNDARIES of A MOST SAVAGE WILDERNESS. LONE GUARD WATCHES STAND VIGILANTLY AT ITS EDGE. DEEP WITHIN THE LOSTWOOD STANDS AN ANCIENT EMPIRE RULED BY THE EXILE of THE CITY of THE DEAD, THE IMMORTAL KING AL'ADINDRED. The Lostwood Enclave are a distinct faction who abide by the savage laws of nature. They are wanderers, protectors, and sages of the changed world. Though they are extremely dangerous, their souls are intimately tied to the advocate. The arboleth are a powerful race of treefolk from deep within the mysterious Lostwood realm. They are slow to anger and deeply wise. Many proud generations have served the immortal king as peacekeepers. They are indomitable warriors naturally attuned with the will of the advocate. These singular beings are lawful, just, and frightfully strong. Pathfinders are profoundly talented scouts able to navigate the most bewildering lands. They are keen hunters with the senses that reach beyond the physical realms. The wild elves are secretive nomads as a rule, however the pathfinders routinely interact with the greater world. The way of the Druid is a solitary existence. Druids are in communion with nature and abide within its savage laws. They take the shape of a wild beast and may spend years in this form without ever encountering civilization. The shape of the mighty cave bear is among the most fearsome shapes a druid may choose. These powerful beasts can contend with the horrors and monstrosities that plague the land on equal terms. With tooth and claw these creatures are horrors in their own right. Lose yourself among these wild souls to find the Path of the Advocate. FACTION EXPANSION CONTENTS 4 Character Cards 6 Upgrade Cards 1 Wild Elf Druid Miniature 1 Cave Bear Miniature 1 Arboleth Sentinel Miniature 1 Wild Elf Pathfinder Miniature Special Scenario: Razorshard Briars PRO TIP: TO BUMP THIS WARBAND TO THE STANDARD 100 POINTS CONSIDER ADDING ONE HERO LEVEL CHARACTER, SUCH AS THE GNOME BATTLESMITH, OR HELLHOUND BERSERKER. These white metal miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Scenery, glue, and paint not included. Metal King Studio miniatures are fine scale models designed for gamers and collectors. Recommended for ages 12 and over.

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