Relicblade: Storms of Kural Two-Player Box Set

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Relicblade: Storms of Kural Two-Player Box Set

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$80.75 $85.00 -5% OFF

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Relicblade: Storms of Kural is the ultimate Relicblade Starter Set.

The Storms of Kural is the perfect starter set. This set includes two full -sized warbands, and an all new campaign format for Relicblade. Cracking open this box will set events in motion that cannot be undone! Two players will face off against each other at the climax of an arcane crisis. Fateful twists will unlock new upgrades and powers in a clean, card-driven campaign. As players battle to the mountain peak, they will test their skill and revel in the heroic tactical combat that defines the best of Relicblade.

This meticulously designed box set includes everything two-players need to start playing Relicblade. New players can get the Storms of Kural box set bundled with the core rulebook for Relicblade, The Seeker’s Handbook, at a discount!

The eight champions featured in this box set represent the eight main factions in Relicblade, and each character has been carefully designed to represent that faction’s play style. If you like one character in particular, then I can practically guarantee that their associated faction will fit your style.

What’s included in the Box Set:

  • 4 Heroes of the Advocate:

    • The Warden of Justice, a stalwart holy knight.

    • The Lone Guard Infiltrator, a deadly rogue.

    • The Gnome Grenadier, a cunning scout.

    • The Wild Elf Witch, a marvelous witch and priestess of nature.

  • 4 Villains of the Adversary:

    • The Destroyer Pig, a psychotic fighter.

    • The Dark Prophet, a sinister dark wizard.

    • The Iguan Marauder, a hyper competent mercenary fighter.

    • The Slayer Squid, a bizarre rogue from the unknowable deep!

  • Storms of Kural Campaign Book

    • Exciting lore concerning the arcane crisis in Kural and the brave champions who fought there.

    • Lore and tactical details for each character.

    • A story driven, card-based campaign format unique to the Storms of Kural Box set.

    • 6 intense scenarios that will test your bravery and challenge your skill.

  • 36 Card Deck

    • 8 Character Cards

    • 18 Upgrade Cards, including wondrous universal upgrades to deepen your entire Relicblade collection.

    • 6 sinister Relic Cards found in the cursed Temples of Kural.

    • 2 Basic Action reference cards and 2 Fate Weave reference cards. One for each player.

  • High Quality Punchboard Token Set

    • 2 measurement gauges. One for each player.

    • 10 Dodge tokens

    • 6 Disabled tokens

    • 3 objective tokens

    • 9 status tokens to track special rules.

Painted by Malev Minis!

Relicblade miniatures are cast in lead-free white metal. The miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted, and should be washed with warm water and soap before painting. These scale miniatures are collectibles and are not appropriate for children. We recommend these model kits for ages 12 and up.

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