Relicblade: Temple of Justice Faction Set

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Relicblade: Temple of Justice Faction Set

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$38.00 $40.00 -5% OFF

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Temple of Justice Brutal tyrants have thrived long enough. Behold the coming of Justice. May the righteous know freedom, and may the corrupt know fear. The implacable Cleric of Justice is an inspiring presence. Her single minded quest for justice invariably draws like-minded heroes to her cause. For those who pursue the Path of the Advocate, whether indomitable Questing Knight to the intrepid Thief, there is no higher calling. May you be the champion of the helpless and the scourge of the wicked. FACTION EXPANSION CONTENTS 4 Character Cards 9 Upgrade Cards 1 Cleric of Justice Miniature 1 Spirit Weapon Miniature 1 Questing Knight Miniature 1 Thief Miniature Special Scenario: The Empyrean Tower PRO TIP: TO BUMP THIS WARBAND TO THE STANDARD 100 POINTS CONSIDER ADDING ONE HERO LEVEL CHARACTER, SUCH AS THE BOUNTY HUNTER OR FLAME BEARER.

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