Relicblade: The Lone Guard Faction Set

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Relicblade: The Lone Guard Faction Set

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$38.00 $40.00 -5% OFF

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The Lone Guard These are dark days, but there are a brave few who stand against the darkness. The lone guard are an ancient order of ever vigilant rangers and warriors. These frontiersmen travel hidden paths with deadly purpose to forge a new destiny. These intrepid warriors are aided by bold companions. Both the stalwart Billman and the savage Sabertooth lend aid to the noble cause. Take the oath of the Lone Guard and fight for a glorious new dawn. The Lone Guard expansion introduces the new companion character type. Companions operate in tandem with the character that hires them. A skilled billman can be attached to your hero for a few extra points. These two characters can activate together to use their skills and abilities to achieve incredible things. FACTION EXPANSION CONTENTS 4 Character Cards 6 Upgrade Cards 1 Lone Guard Ranger Miniature 1 Lone Guard Warrior Miniature 1 Billman Companion Miniature 1 Sabertooth Companion Miniature Special Scenario: The Signal Fire Pro Tip: Consider adding the Lone Guard Commander to bring this faction set to 100 points.

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