Relicblade: Vermin Mouth

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Relicblade: Vermin Mouth

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$16.15 $17.00 -5% OFF

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Product description

Vermin Mouth and Rat Swarm with Character Cards

The Vermin Mouth are possessed by a bestial spirit that grants both the power to command hordes of rats and debilitating madness.

A writhing mass of horrible black rats surround the vermin mouth at all times. Surging mobs rush at the bidding of their insane master gnawing at enemies and swarming would be attackers. The wad of rat carcasses even serve as snacks to pig allies in desperate, or not so desperate, times.

The Vermin Mouth is an extremely versatile support character. By chanting in his bestial tongue he can grant damage bonuses to all nearby natural weapons. But most importantly he can summon a swarm of rats to do his bidding. The rat swarm activates as its own character which makes the vermin mouth and rat swarm extremely versatile game pieces. Summon rats to attack your enemy, let the rats cover your body to gain a dodge token, or even eat the mass of rats to recover health! The strategies are as deep as they are weird!


  • 1 Vermin Mouth miniature cast in white metal and supplied with a 25mm base

  • 1 Rat Swarm miniature cast in white metal and supplied with a 25mm base

  • 1 Vermin Mouth character card

  • 1 Rat Swarm character card

Painted Malev

These white metal miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted, and should be washed with warm water and soap before painting. Not for babies.

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