Terraforming Mars Board Game

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Terraforming Mars Board Game

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$75.99 $79.99 -6% OFF

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5 PlayerStrategyKids12+ YearsSingle Player
This game is set In the year 2400 and offers players hours of sci-fi milestone based gameplay. As mankind begins to terraform the planet Mars, giant corporations, sponsored by the world's governments on Earth, initiate huge projects to make the environment on Mars more habitable. Your objective is to raise the temperature, oxygen level, and ocean coverage until the planet of Mars is perfectly suitable for mankind's colonisation and survival. Although players work together to fulfill the overall objective of making mars more stable, each player competes against each other during the course of the Milestones for Victory Points. There are various actions and commendations throughout the course of the game that award players varying levels of Victory Points and each player's core objective is to earn the most. The game features intense multi-player dynamics as you compete for different Milestones and Awards. The game includes a very in depth scope for hours or gameplay with over 200 different projects to complete. You and up to 5 players in total can compete to ensure the planet is successfully terraformed as each player is tasked with acquiring unique project cards from a deck of over two hundred card variants. The project cards then represent the contributions that each player makes towards the terraforming process. This game has been designed to be suitable for ages 12 and up

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