Bushido: Savage Wave: Tsuta

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Bushido: Savage Wave: Tsuta

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$14.66 $15.43 -5% OFF

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Product description

Many oni thirst for the favour of a kijo, and Tsuta knows how to drive her brethren to seek more extraordinary acts of violence and glory. As they throw themselves into battle, even if they fall, the oni grow stronger. Each battle awakens memories that have been dormant for an age, the spirits of oni who have gone before. Tsuta bears proof of the cunning of her past lives, wielding weapons that showed their worth generations ago. She throws heavy balls covered in strong spikes, lodging them in her foe’s armour and weighing them down long enough for her kin to close the distance and kill them. These weapons come from when the onis’ opponents - or they - wore armour. But no matter their heritage, they work well in Jwar against samurai and their armoured retinues.

If your warband doesn’t need these powerful ranged attacks combined with robust control when used on the right target, Tsuta’s Idolise Ki Feat is still a good enough reason to take her to war!

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 40mm base and full colour profile card.

Note: this model is made from resin.

Note: this product comes with a plastic base.

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