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Games Workshop Dark Angels: Asmodai Master Of Repentance $35.70 $42.00
1 Box of Dark Angels Asmodai, Master of Repentance
-15% sale
Games Workshop Dark Angels: Belial Grand Master Of... $35.70 $42.00
1 Box of Dark Angels: Belial Grand Master of the Deathwing
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Dark Angels: Codex Supplement $29.75 $35.00
1 Dark Angels: Codex Supplement
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Dark Angels: Combat Patrol $136.00 $160.00
1 Box of Dark Angels Combat Patrol
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Dark Angels: Datasheet Cards $29.75 $35.00
1 box of Dark Angels: Datasheet Cards
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Dark Angels: Deathwing Knights $59.50 $70.00
1 box of Dark Angels Deathwing Knights
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Dark Angels: Dice $27.20 $32.00
1 Dark Angels: Dice Set
-15% sale
Games Workshop Dark Angels: Inner Circle Companions $51.00 $60.00
1 Box of Dark Angels Inner Circle Companions
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Dark Angels: Upgrades And Transfers $29.75 $35.00
1 Box of Dark Angels Upgrades and Transfers
Sold out -25% sale
Herrick Games and Hobbies Indomitus Box Set $300.00 $400.00
This listing is for a NEW, unopened Indomitus launch box from Skye's personal Horde of Happiness (got to make room for that Old World stuff somehow!) All typical guarantees and shipping will be available through Herrick Games and Hobbies as any other purchase. Models are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Prices on eBay are insanse so we'll price under those significantly for anyone who missed out on these awesome minis!
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Kill Team: Space Marine Scout Squad $55.25 $65.00
This multipart plastic kit allows you to build 10 Space Marines Scouts, skilled reconnaissance and infiltration specialists. You can use them as a full and complete kill team, or add them to your Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines army. You’ll find options in the kit to build various Specialists, like the Sniper, Hunter, and Tracker, to add tactical options to your games. When built as standard Scouts for Warhammer 40,000, you’ll find options for all to wield either an Astartes shotgun or boltgun, or the melee-focused combination of bolt pistol and combat blade, plus the option to equip one squad member with a heavy bolter or missile launcher.This kit contains 218 plastic components, 10x 28.5mm Round Bases, one Space Marines Transfer Sheet, and 2x Raven Guard Primaris Transfer Sheets.These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Assault Squad $51.00 $60.00
This box set contains everything you need to make five multi-part plastic Assault Marines, with amazing scope for customisation. One miniature can be assembled as a Space Marine Sergeant - two bare Sergeant heads are included on top of the seven Marine heads. The entire squad can be modelled with or without jump packs, as five complete assemblies are included with and without harnesses and backpacks. There are five running leg assemblies, twelve shoulder pads and an array of Purity Seals, scroll cases and ammo pouches.Weapons' these guys are armed to the teeth. Included in the box:Five Space Marine Bolt Pistols;Five Space Marine Chainswords ;Three Plasma Pistols ;Two Space Marine Flamers ;One Space Marine Grav Pistol ;One Space Marine Heavy Chainsword (Eviscerator) ;One each of Power Fist, Power Sword, Power Axe, Lightning Claw and Thunder Hammer;One Space Marine Combat Shield;One Melta Bomb.The squad can truly be assembled to reflect your play style and aesthetic choices with this massive variety - and you'll have a huge surplus of weapons to add to your existing Space Marine collection. Includes five Citadel: 32mm Round Bases.
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Attack Bike $29.75 $35.00
This box set contains one multi-part plastic Attack Bike that can be assembled with either a heavy bolter or multi-melta.
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Boarding Patrol $97.75 $115.00
Lead from the front with a powerful Captain in Gravis Armour wielding a boltstorm gauntlet and a choice of fearsome melee weapons ' ideal for contesting the confines of an enemy vessel. He's joined at close quarters by 10 Assault Intercessors, each armed with a chainsword and heavy bolt pistol, who can be split into squads of five for navigating tight passageways. A squad of five Heavy Intercessors provide supporting firepower with a variety of heavy bolt weaponry, their armoured bulk warding off breachers as they flood whole corridors with a hail of death.This set includes the following:' 1x Captain in Gravis Armour' 5x Heavy Intercessors' 10x Assault Intercessors' 1x Ultramarines Infantry Transfer Sheet, containing 299 transfersAll models are supplied with their appropriate bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly ' we recommend using Citadel: Plastic Glue and Citadel: Colour paints. The terrain used in images on this page is for illustrative purposes only and is not included.Rules for playing Boarding Action games of Warhammer 40,000 can be found in the Arks of Omen: Abaddon supplement. Additional rules for Space Marines Boarding Patrols can be found in Arks of Omen: Angron.
-15% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Captain with Master-Crafted Bolt... $34.00 $40.00
This 8-part plastic kit makes one Captain with Master-crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle and is supplied with a Citadel: 40mm Round Base.
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Centurion Assault/Devastator Squad $68.00 $80.00
This 3 man kit makes the Centurion Assault Squad, providing every weapon and upgrade available to the unit. Before you add the specific weapon combinations you need to build the bodies. There are 3 distinct torsos; 3 individual sets of legs; 6 unique shoulder pad designs; and 7 heads (3 bare, and 4 helmeted) to choose from. The Centurion Assault Squad members are equipped with a siege drill on each arm, and have the choice of mounting either twin-linked flamers, or twin-linked meltaguns as well. The chest plates can be armed with either ironclad assault launchers or a hurricane bolter.To add the finishing touches to your squad there is an additional helmet plume to make it clear who the Sergeant is; an omniscope; an eagle back banner; purity seals; and an iron halo.The Space Marine range is designed so that all of the plastic parts can be swapped between different kits. Whilst the Centurion Assault Squad is a really unique unit all the heads can be interchanged with those of the rest of the Space Marine range. As can the myriad extra pieces of equipment that can be found in other Space Marine kits, allowing the opportunity to create truly unique collections of miniatures.This plastic kit contains 175 components with which to make either a 3 man Space Marine Centurion Assault Squad or a 3 man Space Marine Centurion Devastator Squad. Also included is 1 Ultramarines Infantry Transfer Sheet with which to add Chapter iconography and squad markings. This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel: Plastic Glue and Citadel: Paints.
Sold out -10% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Chaplain $31.50 $35.00
This kit is comprised of nine plastic components, with which you can assemble one Space Marine Chaplain, and is supplied with one Citadel: scenic round base. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly ' we recommend using Citadel: Plastic Glue and Citadel: paints.
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Codex $46.75 $55.00
Inside this book, you'll find:- The history of the Space Marines, with a look at how these genetically engineered warriors annihilate the enemies of the Emperor with terrible force- A Space Marines bestiary with background details for every unit and Character featured- A showcase of stunningly painted Citadel: miniatures- Rules for Space Marines units that are available to every every First Founding Chapter, their Successors ' including more diverse Chapters such as the Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels ' and the Deathwatch- Rules for creating your own Successor Chapter Tactics- Rules for upgrading your Characters to members of the Chapter Command ' Chapter Ancient, Chapter Champion, Chief Apothecary, Master of Sanctity, Master of the Forge, Chief Librarian, and Chapter Master- Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Litanies of Battle, Psychic Disciplines, Chapter Relics, and optional Secondary Objectives that define the ways that the Space Marines wage war- Bespoke Crusade rules providing new Agendas, Requisitions, Battle Traits, Honorifics, and Crusade Relics that are unique to the Space Marines- And more!You will need a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book to use the rules included in this codex.
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Combat Patrol $136.00 $160.00
This set includes the following units:- 1x Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos Armour- 10x Primaris Infiltrators- 3x Suppressors- 3x Eliminators- 1x Primaris ImpulsorAll models are supplied with their appropriate bases.
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Company Command $51.00 $60.00
This awesome plastic box set nets you a Space Marine Captain, armed with power sword and plasma pistol, and a Space Marine Command Squad ' five of the best warriors mankind has to offer, with options for a Space Marine Veteran Sergeant, Company Champion, Apothecary, Standard Bearer and a Space Marine with assault weapon. Supplied with Citadel: 32mm Round bases and an Ultramarines transfer sheet.
Sold out -83% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Datacards [9th Edition] $5.00 $29.00
This pack contains the following datacards:- 7x core Stratagems- 34x Space Marine Stratagems- 1x Smite psychic power- 12x psychic power cards (6 each for the Librarius and Obscuration disciplines)- 7x Litanies of BattleYou will need a copy of Codex: Space Marines and the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book to make full use of these cards.
-15% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Devastator Squad $51.00 $60.00
This multi-part plastic kit contains everything you need to build five Space Marine Devastators, one of which can be optionally assembled as a Space Marine Devastator Sergeant, with three Sergeant heads included. The poses these models can be assembled in are classic Devastator poses, with targeter helmets and castellated greaves designed to counter the immense recoil thrown out by their heavy weapons.Speaking of heavy weapons, the Devastator squad features an *incredible* array of the Imperium's finest. Included in this squad:Two Space Marine Grav-Cannon and Back Pack Assemblies;Two Space Marine Missile Launcher and Back Pack Assemblies;Two Space Marine Multi Melta and Back Pack Assemblies;Two Space Marine Lascannon and Back Pack Assemblies;Two Space Marine Plasma Cannon and Assemblies;Two Space Marine Heavy Bolter and Back Pack Assemblies;One each of Combi Plasma, Combi Melta, Combi Grav, Combi Flamer, Bolter and Storm Bolter;One each of Power Fist, Power Sword, Power Axe, Lightning Claw, Chainsword and Thunder Hammer;One each of Plasma pistol, Bolt pistol, Grav pistol.Five Purity Seals, two Servo Skulls, a pile of spent shells, a skull base piece, ten Space Marine targeting helmets, six sets of legs, six Sergeant hands and eight Space Marine shoulder pads round out this immense collection of components.Also supplied are five 32mm Citadel: Round Bases.
-15% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Drop Pod $46.75 $55.00
This box set contains one multi-part plastic Space Marine Drop Pod. This large 89-piece kit includes components to arm the Drop Pod with either a storm bolter or a Deathwind launcher, and includes an Ultramarines Vehicle Transfer Sheet.
-15% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Hammerfall Bunker $55.25 $65.00
The Hammerfall Bunker offers your Space Marines army unrelenting firepower where you need it most. In addition to its Hammerfall missile launcher, each bunker is outfitted with a heavy flamer or heavy bolter array, enabling you to devastate any nearby enemies, regardless of their direction of approach.This kit builds one Hammerfall Bunker. It is supplied with a choice of Hammerfall heavy flamer or heavy bolter array, and comes in 64 plastic components.
Sold out -15% sale
Games Workshop Space Marine: Index Cards $21.25 $25.00
The Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes are Mankind's greatest defenders, genetically enhanced post-human warriors raised to know no fear, armed and armoured with the best wargear the Imperium can provide.This deck of Index: Space Marines cards will enhance your games from the moment you start playing Warhammer 40,000, giving you hands-on references to all the rules for your faction. The deck includes individual datasheets for every Adeptus Astartes unit, detailing their profiles, wargear, options, and special abilities. You'll also find reference cards for the Adeptus Astartes army rule ��� Oath of Moment ��� as well as the Gladius Task Force Detachment, which includes four Enhancements, six Stratagems, and the Combat Doctrines rule. There's also an Armoury card, which details common weapons employed by the Adeptus Astartes.Contents:- 105x Adeptus Astartes Datasheet Cards:Aggressor Squad��Ancient in Terminator Armour��Apothecary Biologis��Assault Intercessor Squad��Assault Squad��Assault Squad with Jump Packs��Astartes Servitors��Attack Bike SquadBallistus DreadnoughtBike SquadBladeguard AncientBladeguard Veteran SquadBrutalis DreadnoughtCaptainCaptain in Gravis ArmourCaptain in Phobos ArmourCaptain in Terminator ArmourCaptain on BikeCaptain with Jump PackCenturion Assault SquadCenturion Devastator SquadChaplainChaplain in Terminator ArmourChaplain on BikeChaplain with Jump PackCommand SquadContemptor DreadnoughtDesolation SquadDevastator SquadDreadnoughtDrop PodEliminator SquadEradicator SquadFirestrike Servo-turretsGladiator LancerGladiator ReaperGladiator ValiantHammerfall BunkerHeavy Intercessor SquadHellblaster SquadHunterImpulsorInceptor SquadIncursor SquadInfernus SquadInfiltrator SquadIntercessor SquadInvader ATVInvictor Tactical WarsuitIronclad DreadnoughtJudiciarLand RaiderLand Raider CrusaderLand Raider RedeemerLand SpeederLand Speeder StormLand Speeder TornadoLand Speeder TyphoonLibrarianLibrarian in Phobos ArmourLibrarian in Terminator ArmourLibrarian with Jump packLieutenantLieutenant in Phobos ArmourLieutenant in Reiver ArmourLieutenant with combi-weaponOutrider SquadPredator AnnihilatorPredator DestructorPrimaris AncientPrimaris ApothecaryPrimaris CaptainPrimaris ChaplainPrimaris Company ChampionPrimaris LibrarianPrimaris LieutenantPrimaris TechmarineRazorbackRedemptor DreadnoughtReiver SquadRelic Terminator SquadRepulsorRepulsor ExecutionerRhinoScout Bike SquadScout Sniper SquadScout SquadStalkerSternguard Veteran SquadStorm Speeder HailstrikeStorm Speeder HammerstrikeStorm Speeder ThunderstrikeStormhawk InterceptorStormraven GunshipStormtalon GunshipSuppressor SquadTactical SquadTechmarineTerminator Assault SquadTerminator SquadThunderfire CannonVanguard Veteran SquadVanguard Veteran Squad with Jump PacksVindicatorWhirlwind- 9x Ultramarines Datasheet Cards:Captain SicariusChaplain CassiusChief Librarian TiguriusMarneus CalgarRoboute GuillimanSergeant ChronusSergeant TelionTyrannic War VeteransUriel Ventris- 1x White Scars Datasheet Card:Kor���sarro Khan- 1x Iron Hands Datasheet Card:Iron Father Feirros- 2x Imperial Fists Datasheet Cards:Darnath LysanderTor Garadon- 1x Crimson Fists Datasheet Card:Pedro Kantor- 2x Salamanders Datasheet Cards:Adrax AgatoneVulkan He���stan- 1x Raven Guard Datasheet Card:Kayvaan Shrike- 3x Adeptus Astartes Index Cards, detailing the faction's army rule and the Gladius Task Force Detachment- 1x Adeptus Astartes Armoury CardPlease note that this pack does not contain rules for Black Templars, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves or Deathwatch units ��� Index Cards for these Chapters are available separately. This pack does not include cards for Space Marines units from Forge World.All cards are 190mm x 126mm.

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